trends.  Clothing rental by subscription in Israel?  – IsraelValley

trends. Clothing rental by subscription in Israel? – IsraelValley


The fashion sector is often singled out, as overconsumption symbol. In an attempt to adapt the trade to new practices and develop the second hand, the Kiabi brand is testing a rental service in three of its stores. Among the pilot sites: that of Pontet. A formula initially offered to a hundred customers.

To carry out its test, the brand has therefore created 4 packages. In exchange for 19, 29, 39 or 49 Euros per month, customers can walk away with 5, 10, 15 or 20 items with no maximum or minimum duration. Once brought back to the store, the brand will offer them a second life via donations to associations, shelving in second-hand corners or even recycling. Eric Validire recalls that a ” first test was launched in 2021 on the rental of maternity clothes. The formula is now offered to the whole family“. For the manager of the Pontet store “ Rental is a formula that already exists in many areas, it is time to apply it to textiles. Consumption is changing. The new generation no longer consumes like their parents“. Kiabi gives itself a year to see how customers react, before generalizing the formula or not.

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