Judge stops Hustler Hollywood from opening, closes 2 other stores |  News

Judge stops Hustler Hollywood from opening, closes 2 other stores | News

SHREVEPORT, La. — A Caddo District Court judge has signed a temporary restraining order stopping a business with plans to sell sexually oriented merchandise from opening. The order also will close the doors of two other businesses that have been selling similar items for years.

Judge Ramon Lafitte granted the order late Wednesday at the request of the city of Shreveport, which earlier in the day filed a lawsuit against Hustler Hollywood, Cindie’s No. 26 and Cindie’s Lingerie alleging violations of a city ordinance. Lafitte set a hearing for 1:30 pm Nov. 14 to decide if the injunction should be permanent.

Hustler Hollywood, located at 6109 Financial Plaza, planned to open this week. Cindie’s No. 26 located at 9402 Mansfield Road and Cindie’s Lingerie located at 1106 Shreveport-Barksdale Highway have been open since 2020 and 2018, respectively.

All three were inspected Friday in response to public complaints about their sales merchandise.

Businesses that sell sexually oriented items require a special use permit or license. But all three “falsely stated” to the city and MPC that they are retail stores rather than sexually oriented businesses, the lawsuit states.

Hustler Hollywood submitted floor plans to the Shreveport Metropolitan Planning Commission saying it would sell sexually oriented specialty items in a designated area but indicated it would be less than 20 percent of its display space. The business on Oct. 6 sought a certificate of occupancy to operate as a retail store.

During their inspection Friday, the MPC zoning administrator and other city representatives said it was “immediately apparent” a significant portion of the display space was devoted to sex.

A large monitor at the store’s entrance features females wearing or displaying the items for sale, and an image also showed a woman with her hands cuffed behind her back in a “sadomasochistic manner.” Other items were prominently displayed throughout the store.

Cindie’s Lingerie and Cindie’s No. 26 had similar set-ups to Hustler Hollywood, with most of the stores’ display space featuring sexually oriented items. The lawsuit notes the Cindie’s on Shreveport-Barksdale had sex toy displays that were visible through the window.

The city’s ordinance states it’s unlawful for any person to operate a sexually oriented business without a valid license to do so. All three stories are operating or seeking to operate sexually oriented businesses without proper license, the lawsuit states.

In his order, Lafitte also required all of the photographs and video evidence submitted with the lawsuit to be filed under seal since each contains nude or pornographic images.


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