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a serious and funny road movie through the prejudices of sixties America

a serious and funny road-movie through the prejudices of sixties America

“Green Book: On the Roads of the South”, a road movie by Peter Farrelly through the prejudices of America in the 1960s, traces its route in the direction of the Oscars. Rewarded by three Golden Globes and crowned best film by the union of American producers (Producers Guild of America, PGA), the film will be released in France on January 23, 2019.

1962: Don Shirley is one of the rare black classical pianists of the time. He is about to embark on a concert tour in the segregationist American South and hires a white man, Tony Lip, from his state as an Italian-American bouncer from the Bronx, to drive and protect him.

Subject: P. Deschamps, M. Marini

Together they will tackle the journey by car from Manhattan with only a funny guide as their only compass: the “Negro Motorist Guide”, which lists the places that a Black can go to in complete safety… The story is true. It becomes a road movie by Peter Farrelly, both serious and often funny, based on the confrontation of two people who would have had no opportunity to meet without this trip, avoiding any Manichaeism. These two men, separated by everything, will gradually learn to know each other and overcome their prejudices, until a true friendship is born between them.

The film was initiated and co-written by Nick Vallelonga, the son of the real Tony Lip. Peter Farrelly, accustomed to the world of comedy through films co-directed with his brother Bobby (“Mary at all costs”, “L’Amour extra-large”, “Dumb and Dumber”) was seduced by this project, which he decided to join at the writing stage.
This feature film “is very different from my previous films, but its story brings me back to what I always wanted to do”, explains Peter Farrelly in the film’s press kit.

“I hastened to tell everyone that I was writing my first dramatic film… but on closer inspection, Don and Tony form a rather curious, almost comical duo”, with “on the one hand a refined and elegant artist, and on the other a rough bouncer,” he continues. Viggo Mortensen excels as the gruff, chattering Italian-American who can’t stop eating and talking, and Mahershala Ali as the poised, cultured, and refined artist whose career as a classical pianist is thwarted. who finds himself disconcerted by the man he has in front of him.

A well-written reflection on racism, “Green book” is “a film about benevolence, which shows that if you are open to change, you can change yourself and thus make others evolve”, underlines Viggo Mortensen.

This dramatic comedy by Peter Farrelly has already been rewarded, first with the audience award at the Toronto International Festival in September, then with three Golden Globes. On January 19, with the union of American producers (Producers Guild of America, PGA), he supplanted among others “Bohemian Rhapsody”, crowned at the Golden Globes in the flagship category of the best dramatic films. The PGA record is often repeated at the Oscars.

Less well known than the Golden Globes, the PGA is seen as a better indicator for the Oscars and has seen its choices confirmed for 20 of its 29 years of existence, in particular last year for “The Shape of Water”. But in 2017 he had rewarded “La La Land” while “Moonlight” had triumphed at the Oscars.
Oscar nominations will be announced on January 22, and the Academy Awards ceremony is scheduled for February 24.

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