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The 2022/2023 NFL season is already well underway and many teams are aiming to win the ultimate title next February. But to get to the Super Bowl which will take place in Arizona this season, it will be necessary to whip in the regular season then in the play-offs which are still uncertain. Even if teams seem to have a better squad, the battle will be fierce! Who will succeed the Los Angeles Rams, winner in 2022? Answer on Sunday, February 12, 2023! But before that, discover our NFL 2022/2023 prediction!


NFL 2022/2023 prediction: Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs back at the top?

Winner of the Super Bowl in 2020, runner-up in 2021, conference runner-up in 2022, the Kansas City Chiefs are our favorites for our 2022/2023 NFL season prediction (odds of 7.00). Since arriving in the big league in 2017, Patrick Mahomes has changed the face of the franchise, making it a fun team to watch as well as winning. Even if some people talk about the end of the cycle in Kansas with the departures of Tyrann Mathieu and Tyreek Hill, the team will still look great with its maestro in quarterback, and will be favored by our NFL forecast. But to win the title, it will be necessary to get rid of the other big favorites of the season, the Buffalo Bills (odds of 4.50), a team in the same AFC conference. Josh Allen’s franchise will have to pass the obstacle of Kansas, which has beaten them in the last 2 seasons in the Play-offs. To remedy this, the Bills have retained their backbone while making major changes such as the arrival of Von Miller for the defense. Stability for a team that has achieved good results for 3 seasons and will be a natural favorite for the title.

NFL prediction: which teams in the Super Bowl?

You have therefore understood it, our NFL prediction for the title is therefore for the Kansas City Chiefs. But before talking about the title, it will be necessary to join the Super Bowl on Sunday February 12, 2023. And if we speak of the Chiefs as favorites, it is because we see them winning the AFC conference (American Football Conference), synonymous with qualification for the ultimate match (3.75 odds). But if the competition will be intense with the other favorite team for the title, the Buffalo Bills, the Chiefs have the psychological advantage having taken over this team in the semi-finals of the conference in 2022 and in the conference finals in 2021. , which could weigh at the time of this confrontation.

For the NFC (National Football Conference), the homogeneity is more present with several teams capable of climbing up to the Super Bowl. But our NFL prediction is heading to the Philadelphia Eagles (3.50 odds). With their quarterback Jalen Hurts, the Eagles could benefit from a weaker conference than the AFC. Philadelphia has recorded arrivals that should turn this team around, whether on offense with AJBrown or defense with James Bradberry and Haason Reddick. Judicious choices that can pay off at the start of 2023 on the attack of the play-offs. Even if Tom Brady’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers remain a team that can beat a lot of NFL predictions (odds of 5.00) and who remain on a conference semi-final in 2022 and a title in 2021, the many changes caused during summer will perhaps pay off for the future but not for this season.

Our NFL prediction bets on a Super Bowl between the Kansas City Chiefs of Patrick Mahomes and the Philadelphia Eagles of Jalen Hurts, Sunday February 12, 2023 at State Farm Stadium in Arizona.


Making sports bets on the NFL requires, as with all other bets, analysis and concentration. Discover all our advice to make your NFL prediction in the best conditions:

  • Have knowledge of US Football: American football is a very US sport, with rules and statistics that can make you lose your mind. So take the time to learn about this sport, its history, its rivalries and everything that goes with it.
  • Find out about the match in question: it will not be enough to place your NFL prediction on the best odds or on the favorite. Take the time to prepare your forecast, by finding out about the teams of the day, the players, the form of the moment, their history, and many other information that will allow you to make the right bet. Do not hesitate to visit US Foot sites to read advice from regular followers as well as betting experts.
  • Watch your wallet! the money you are going to play will come from your bank account. So be very careful, and give yourself a budget to respect every month and not to exceed. Avoid ending up in the red and learn how to manage your budget. Playing involves risks, so in the event of a problem, do not hesitate to contact specialized services (telephone numbers on bookmaker sites).


If you follow the advice we have just given you, then you will be ready to dive into the deep end of sports betting! But before thinking about your NFL prediction that you are going to make, you must first find the right site to do it. With competition growing every year, making the right choice can be difficult. To help you, find 3 bookmakers where you can go safely:

  • Parions Sport: the number 1 sports betting site in France! the FDJ group bookmaker has built a solid reputation, with a secure and reliable site, simple gaming and attractive odds. Making your NFL predictions on this site will be a real pleasure.
  • Zebet: with odds competing with the best sites, Zebet has established itself as a safe bet in the field of betting. Its Zebet TV streaming will allow you to place your NFL prediction during matches, targeting your bet well. We can only recommend it to you.
  • Barriere Bet: less known than its competitors, Barriere Bet nevertheless has solid arguments. A wide choice of different bets for each game and options such as Cash-out or Multi-X, will increase the player experience. To make your NFL prono, he would be an ideal partner.

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