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: Super heroes movie :: CultFilm

super hero movie

A shy and uncomfortable high school student, Rick River has lived with his uncle and aunt since his parents were killed. He is secretly in love with the lovely Jill Johnson who, unfortunately, already has a boyfriend. During a school visit to a research lab, Rick is stung by a genetically modified dragonfly. Little by little, as he sees his strength increase tenfold, he understands that he now has superpowers. After making a costume, he adopts his new identity: La Libellule. But he will have to face a formidable enemy, The Hourglass, determined to annihilate all those who approach him.


Although some official adaptations of superheroes are already parodies on their own (we will avoid quoting them, the list being unfortunately too long), we had to get the eternal and totally dispensable filmed pastiche. And it’s true that in the genre, Craig Mazin knows a ray of it (or not) since he is one of the men who hides behind the scenarios of the already huge gaudrioles Scary Movie 3 and 4. So we shouldn’t be surprised to see the same gags appearing based below the level of the belt (it seems that it makes a lot of laughter in some cottages), declined this time with superhero sauce (after all that remains the subject of the film) and incorporated into a script parodying that of the first Spiderman by Sam Raimi. So we will obviously witness the eternal skimpy costumes of the blonde Pamela Anderson, revealing her fantastic 2, a multitude of spotty galleys mixing the famous costumed heroes (Wolverine, The Torch, Charles Xavier, etc.) and, since it does not eat of bread, to an overload of farts! That said, this time we can at least recognize Mazin for having arranged his sequences around a more defined and linear axis than his successions of not funny sketches of which he tried to convince us of the legitimacy in his previous creations. But we must not believe that this commendable effort will help him to save the furniture, the film remaining in the image of the other works of the screenwriter / director / petomane: a big gravelly antics that it is preferable to avoid .

by Christophe Chenallet


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