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November 14, 2022 UVA shooting news

November 14, 2022 UVA shooting news

Jack Hamilton, an Associate Professor of Media Studies and American Studies at the University of Virginia, said two of the shooting victims were his students and were positive influences on the class.

Devin Chandler was his student in the spring, and Lavel Davis was in his class this semester, Hamilton said.

“I am so indescribably sad right now but I wanted to share a few memories of them, because they were wonderful people,” he wrote.

“devin was new to uva last spring (he was a transfer student) and I had him in a large lecture class. he nevertheless made a point to come to my office hours repeatedly, often just to ask questions about how things worked around uva.

“later i helped him declare his american studies major, which he was really excited about. he was an unbelievably nice person, always a huge smile, really gregarious and funny. one of those people who’s just impossible not to like. it is so sad and enraging that he is gone.

“lavel was quieter than devin (at least in my experience) but was also such a nice guy. after our first day of class this semester he made a point to come up and shake my hand and told me I should call him vel.

“one thing that struck me about vel was how much his classmates liked him and vice versa. in my experience star athletes often tend to hang out with other athletes (understandable, given the time commitment) but vel seemed to go out of his way to make friends with non-athletes.

“anyways I am just stunned and devastated and completely at a loss but wanted to say all this because they were great people with truly limitless futures and they should still be here. it breaks my heart.”

Chandler, Davis and D’Sean Perry were killed in the shooting on Sunday night.


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