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18th BLACK MOVIE: Black is Black!

18th BLACK MOVIE: Black is Black!

The international festival of independent films in Geneva, undoubtedly the most interesting hosted by the city of Calvin, sent us the first announcements concerning the programming in advance, and it already promises seriously! As usual, we want to say.

The Black Movie Festival returns for its 18th edition from January 20 to 29, 2017. Renowned for its fierce defense of an independent and international cinephilia shaken year after year, the event continues its fight with the energy of the first days, despite sometimes opposing winds of funding. Directors from Asia, Africa and Latin America (among others) meet first in dark rooms, through thematic sections patiently developed by the co-directors of the festival, Kate Reidy and Maria Watzlawick. Then during the Questions-Answers organized after each session with the public, and during masterclasses and conferences produced for the occasion. Finally during the famous White Nights of the festival, which this year take up residence in Kalvingrad (Factory), and will maintain, to the delight of guests and night owls, a festive spirit corseted by current legislation.

Fiction films, documentaries, experimental projects, animation from all over the world collide for 10 days in Geneva. In 2017, collaborations will intensify with Black Movie’s sister festivals: Rotterdam, Vesoul, Lille, Saint-Louis… And like every time, an International Jury will award the Critics’ Prize, endowed by the City of Geneva. We can already mention the names of its eminent members. The British and seasoned critic Nigel Floyd, the Belgian journalist Frédérique Morin, Francisco Ferreira, critic for the Portuguese weekly Expresso, Daniela Catelli, Italian writer and critic, and finally Catherine Bray, British journalist and editorial director of Film4 Online, as well as producer at his hours.

The objective remains to exceed the attendance of the 2016 edition, which peaked at around 30,000 festival-goers, screenings for young audiences included.

O Ornitologo

When I discovered the list of the first films programmed I jumped to the ceiling twice. The first by seeing that the UFO “The Belladonna of sadness” would be projected on the big screen in new copy. This completely crazy Japanese animated film enjoys a totally justified cult status since, like true cult films like “The Horror Picture Show” or “El Topo”, it was a total anomaly released in 1973 and which makes a real oven when it comes out. Before regaining its acclaim thanks to the lucky few who were able to discover it during its short outing. The story is adapted from an essay by Jules Michelet, “La Sorcière” in which, in the Middle Ages, a young peasant girl raped by the local lord makes a pact with the devil to become a powerful witch and take revenge. The director Eiichi Yamamoto delivers a completely bizarre film, with a rare erotic charge, mixing animation techniques while moving away from Japanese canons in the field. All cradled by hallucinogenic psychedelic music typical of the seventies. A hypnotic journey that every cinephile must try, especially on the big screen!

Second leap when we learned of the broadcast of the highly acclaimed mystical thriller “The Strangers”, the latest film by South Korean Na Hong-jin (director of the immense “The Chaser” and “The Murderer”). A journey through Korea’s mountainous outback, which sees a police officer facing serial murders and an epidemic of dementia, summoning a shaman to try to figure it all out. A great success in all the festivals where he showed his nose.

18th BLACK MOVIE: Belladonna

Also count on the return to Black Movie of João Pedro Rodrigues with his film “O Ornitólogo”, in the presence of the French actor Paul Hamy (“Suzanne”, “Mon Roi”, “Despite the night”…). You will also be able to discover Werner Herzog’s documentary “Lo And Behold: Reveries Of The Connected World”, presented in association with the Mapping Festival; “La Ragión salvaje”, a new film by our favorite director Amat Escalante, in the presence of the director and “Wrong Elements”, the first film by Franco-American writer Jonathan Littell (“Les bienveillantes”). Confirmed guests also include directors Samantha Biffot, Augusto César Sandino, Rama Thiaw, Lee Dong-ha, Juan Sebastian Mesa and actor Makis Papadimitriou.

We will appreciate in passing the large number of countries from which the films come, with footage coming from Colombia, Greece, Russia, Philippines, Kazakhstan, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Japan, India, Algeria, China, Iran, Estonia, Senegal… The Cinema is a global art, and it will be interesting to compare the forms adopted by each country.

The youngest will have their usual film program at the Petit Black Movie, presented at the Musée de la Croix-Rouge for families. New, a collaboration has been opened with the People’s Conservatory of Music, Dance and Theatre, around a musical setting of a selection of rare Japanese animated films.

The screenings will take place at the Maison des Arts du Grütli, at the Spoutnik Cinema, at the Cinélux, and at the Alhambra.

From 20/01 to 29/01
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