NFL: the Beckham derby soon in motion

NFL: the Beckham derby soon in motion

Receiver Odell Beckham Jr., on the sidelines since his knee injury suffered at the Super Bowl in February, is quietly approaching a return to the game. Still without a contract, he could turn the heads of many suitors in the weeks coming.

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According to various informants gravitating in the NFL, Beckham would like to sign a new agreement by the end of November. Everything will of course depend on his physical condition, he who is trying to come back 100% from a torn anterior cruciate ligament.

The cases of conclusive returns after this type of injury have multiplied over the last few years thanks to advances in medicine, but nothing is ever guaranteed.

In the case of OBJ, it is above all the history of injuries and potentially his salary demands that could slow down the ardor of certain courtiers.

In October 2020, he tore the same ligament in his left knee. Three years earlier, he had fractured his ankle, still on the left side. And that’s not to mention a fair amount of more benign issues throughout his career.

Still, when he’s healthy and motivated (not like the Browns), Beckham is still a force of nature. He showed that with the Rams last season with a strong streak of 21 receptions for 288 yards and two touchdowns.

Likely destinations

It is therefore to be expected that despite some fears regarding his state of health, the teams will be jostling at the gates to obtain his services.

The Cowboys, Bills, 49ers and Chiefs are among the most plausible destinations. Some even talk of a triumphant return to the Giants, where he had a glorious start to his career before being traded in 2019. There is a dire lack of receivers, but will senior management want to see him again after the evils? from the past?

The Cowboys definitely need reinforcement alongside CeeDee Lamb. The latter has 53 receptions, but the next among the wide ends, Noah Brown, claims only 26.

Bills players, Von Miller in the lead, openly court Beckham. Gabe Davis produces less than expected as a second receiver, even if he has everything to explode at any time. Last season, the Rams brought Beckham in as a luxury more than a necessity and he served their cause very well.

The 49ers would make a lot of sense, but it will have to be seen how attracted Beckham will be to a team whose bread and butter is the ground game.

The already electrifying Chiefs never shy away from the idea of ​​adding a toy in the attack. Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes can also help Beckham keep a cool head.

Other possibilities

If those options don’t materialize, the Ravens could be considered. Again, it is questionable what Beckham would think of the idea of ​​ending up with a productive, but very atypical quarterback, like Lamar Jackson.

Tom Brady certainly wouldn’t mind adding another receiver to his Buccaneers collection. He was never afraid of controversial athletes like Randy Moss and Antonio Brown.

Clubs like the Saints, Packers or Bears would also be on many lists, but at 30, Beckham may be looking for a situation where he can quickly aspire to top honors.

A prediction? Since you insist, let’s go for the glamor and the ubiquitous cameras around the Cowboys.

5 things to watch out for


Even if the explosive attacks of the past few years are not as present as in the past, the consolation is that fans have rarely been treated to such close matches as this fall. The average spread during the first 10 weeks is only 9.29 points. You have to go back as far as 1938, when the gap was 9.13 points per game, to see something similar.


After the Bills last Sunday, the Vikings are again involved in one of the games of the week, against the Cowboys. We will have to see if their offensive line holds up. The Cowboys have a league-high 35 quarterback sacks. They are on course to collect 66 sacks, which would be the highest total since the Saints in 2000.


The Patriots are riding a 13-game winning streak against the Jets, who they face today. It’s the longest current winning streak by one team against another, tied with the Chiefs, who have beaten the Broncos in their last 13 games. If the Jets were to break the streak, they would climb to No. 1 in the East Division, having beaten the Dolphins and Bills this fall.


The Commanders are up against the lowest ranked team in the NFL, the Texans. This will change their last task against the Eagles. The Commanders have also surprised the Eagles by inflicting their first setback this season. It should be noted that they had done the same thing to the Steelers in 2020, when the latter showed an 11-0 record. So two of the last three undefeated clubs have been taken down by Washington.


Tomorrow night, the 49ers and Cardinals will be in action in Mexico City. It’s the first time since 2019 that the NFL has traveled to Mexico and the fifth time overall in the regular season. Know that the last two teams to have won their match at the Azteca Stadium have benefited from this passage on Mexican soil to then go to the Super Bowl. The 2019 Chiefs and 2017 Patriots have, indeed, gone all the way to the ultimate game. Viva Mexico!

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