Michelle Obama grants birthday wish to woman about to turn 100

Michelle Obama grants birthday wish to woman about to turn 100

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — On Saturday night, a South Philadelphia woman who’s about to turn 100 years old had a dream come true. As a birthday gift, she wanted to meet former first lady Michelle Obama, and that wish came to fruition.

“It was my one only gift that I wanted for my birthday,” Eloise Brown said.

Brown has lived in Philadelphia for more than 80 years. She’s known for her positivity, her faith and family, and as she gets ready to turn 100 years old, she can’t stop smiling.

“I can’t even describe it,” Brown said. “Absolutely wonderful. All I wanted to do was just shake her hand and I did it.”

Last week, family, friends, and local lawmakers threw Brown a birthday celebration. While wearing a crown, the queen of South Philadelphia said the one wish she had to mark this milestone was to meet Obama.


The former first lady walked onto the stage inside The Met Saturday night to promote her new book as part of a six-city tour.

And Brown and her 95 year old sister, Johnnie Devlin, were in the crowd.

When Obama’s team heard about Brown’s wish last week, they sent her tickets. And after she was done speaking on stage, Brown’s one wish came true.

She not only got to meet Obama, but her daughter, Malia, too.

“They were glad to see me and I was overjoyed to see them,” Brown said. “I can’t even express it.”


“The only thing that she ever wanted was to touch her, to talk to her and to have that granted for her to be 100 is just amazing,” Sakina Dean said.

Brown and Devlin both embraced their idol. They say Obama is full of light and love.

“It is the greatest birthday I could ever have,” Brown said.

As Brown gets set to turn 100 on Tuesday, she says this rare meeting was one of the most touching moments in her life.


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