Katie Hobbs says White House isn't "doing enough" about the border

Katie Hobbs says White House isn’t “doing enough” about the border


Democratic Arizona governor-elect Katie Hobbs said on Tuesday she doesn’t think the Biden administration is “doing enough” to address the situation at the southern border.

Hobbs told “CNN This Morning” that her state bore “the brunt of decades of inaction from both parties in Washington.”

“We need real action on immigration reform. We need real border security,” Hobbs said before criticizing her predecessor, Republican Gov. Doug Ducey, who in August directed crews to start stacking shipping containers along portions of the border, of “political stunts at the expense of taxpayer dollars.”

Shipping containers block a void in the wall as that prevent migrants attempting to cross in to the US from Mexico at the border August 19, 2022 in San Luis, Arizona.  (Photo by Nick Ut/Getty Images)

Hobbs, who currently serves as Arizona’s secretary of state, said discussing her border plan with President Joe Biden is one of the issues at the top of her agenda. “I’ve said this, I don’t think they are doing enough. I would love to have them visit and see firsthand the kind of support and relief that folks in these communities need from the federal government,” Hobbs said.

Her criticism comes as the Biden administration has attempted to grapple with a growing number of migrants at the US-Mexico border over recent months, many of whom are from Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua.

The governor-elect, who won her race by about 17,000 votes over Trump-backed Kari Lake, also addressed her former opponent who has repeated false claims related to the election.

“This kind of political rhetoric, these false accusations, they need to stop. Because many people across the state of Arizona and across the country are being misled by these so-called political leaders. And their rhetoric is dangerous and it’s leading to threats and violence and it needs to stop,” Hobbs told CNN.


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