this French film that moved the press is now streaming

this French film that moved the press is now streaming

With The Invisibles, the French director Louis-Julien Petit signs a sentimental and funny comedy, inspired by the daily life of homeless women. Acclaimed by critics, the film joins the Disney+ platform this Friday, September 16, and is really worth a look.

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Released in 2019, the film The Invisibles is one of those who make you want to believe that solidarity and empathy still exist. Directed by Louis-Julien Petit – known for his committed cinema with in particular Squad the film follows the daily life of a team of volunteers at a day center for homeless women, under the threat of permanent closure due to a reintegration rate deemed too low by the municipality. Revolted, the social workers Manu and Audrey, interpreted by the remarkable Corinne Masiero and Audrey Lamy, will go into hiding so as not to leave their little charges on the floor. This touching social comedy, available from this Thursday, September 16 on Disney+garnered excellent reviews upon its release in France.

The Invisibles : “A real feel good movie that does not claim to be moral

The feature film The invisible is not content just to make the viewer laugh, but to highlight the pugnacity and resilience of women in a situation of great precariousness. But above all, to take a fair and benevolent look at them. “There are many ways to draw attention to people or situations that the rest of the world doesn’t want to see. Les Invisibles has chosen the gentle way, it is tremendously effective“, notes for example The world.Carried by remarkable actresses, this poignant social comedy, but never miserable, gives visibility and a voice full of hope to those forgotten by society.. Wonderful“, appreciated our journalist from Télé-Loisirs.

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The Invisibles highlights in its casting women who have experienced precariousness

The film was inspired by the documentary Invisible women, surviving on the streetby Claire Lajeunie. West Francefor his part, salutes the high quality of the cast: “An astonishing cast, mixing confirmed actresses and women who have actually been through this hell.Carried by great actresses, Les Invisibles cheerfully mixes tones (sometimes dramatic, sometimes hilarious) and genres (between realism and storytelling)“, raises The Parisian. Nicknamed “Lady Di” (Marianne Garcia), “Edith Piaf” (Patricia Mouchon) or even Dalida” (Assia Menmadala), these homeless people in the film are played by women who have known or still know extreme precariousness, which brings a highly realistic dimension to this fiction.

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