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Adam Sandler and Chris Rock in a buddy movie for Netflix

Adam Sandler and Chris Rock in a buddy movie for Netflix

Chris Rock duets with Adam Sandler at Netflix for a 100% Saturday Night Live comedy.

Whether we like Adam Sandler or not, the guy is successful. He is shouted down, mocked, despised by a good part of the cinephile intelligentsia but continues to chain box office successes, failing to seduce critics. The hero of Punch Drunk Love Paul Thomas Anderson actually doesn’t care. He literally applies the maxim that people are always right.

He laughs about it all, teasing the reporters. He’s actually right, and if you’re not really a fan of his films, you can only praise its authenticity.

We therefore find the man at Netflix in what is coming a good Sandlerian movie buddy. The pitch? Sandler’s daughter marries Chris Rock’s son. The feature film will be spread over the weekend of preparation for the ceremony… Well, any pretext is good to leave the comedian freewheeling in what promises to be an avalanche of clever gags as it should be.

A 100% Saturday Night Live movie, the cult American comedy show that has seen many stars of today cut their teeth in the show. Indeed, in addition to Chris Rock and Adam Sandler who made their debut in the show, the director will be the scriptwriter of the SNL who has been ensuring the quality of the sketches for a bunch of years.

chris rock

As the boss of Netflix explains:

Adam Sandler and Chris Rock are the cornerstones of the Netflix comedy family and we’re over the moon about these two legends coming together to give our members around the world a healthy dose of the hilarity they have. created together for years. Similar to the romantic comedy tone of the most recent Sandler film Sandy Wexler, this film will be perfect for Sandler and Rock and their millions of fans around the world.

Well before judging, we’re going to see what the film announced for next year will give!


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