NFL - The crazy saga of the Mannings: Arch, in the name of the father and all his family

NFL – The crazy saga of the Mannings: Arch, in the name of the father and all his family

To be a “son of”. A chance ? A luxury ? Maybe. A weight, too. Arch Manning is not strictly speaking a “son of” in his field. But it is not easier to manage for him. He is a “grandson of” and a “nephew of”. Rather twice than once, by the way. Archie Manning is the last descendant of the most famous line of the NFL. Archie, or Arch to friends and everyone else, to distinguish him from his illustrious grandfather, Archie. Arch, announced successor of his two uncles, Peyton and Eli. He carries in his arm and on his surname the new hopes of this saga that began half a century ago.

So there was first Archibald senior. Number 2 in the 1971 draft, Archie had a prolific career until the first half of the 80s. Twice selected for the Pro Bowl (the NFL All Star Game), he was never able to satisfy his dreams of coronation because of the weakness of his team, the New Orleans Saints, in the 70’s.

He will then transfer his dreams of greatness to his sons. Peyton and Eli will both be selected first picks out of college, in 1998 and 2004. Both will win the Super Bowl twice. The eldest of the two is considered one of the two or three greatest quarterbacks of all time, and if Eli does not enjoy quite the same pedigree, his record speaks for itself. He is the man who twice beat Tom Brady in the Super Bowl. Now retired, they are waiting for their nephew to take up the torch at the highest level. Still a little patience.


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Archie. Peyton. Eli. Quite a line of quarterbacks. Waiting for Arch?

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When Archie Junior was born in 2005, Peyton was already a genuine star and Eli had just completed his rookie season in the NFL. He is the son of Cooper, the other offspring of Archie Senior, the one the general public knows the least about the illustrious siblings since he has never walked the lawns of the big league. However, he possessed all the required qualities. If his father, his son and his two brothers all became quarterbacks, it was as receiver that Cooper (pronounce Cou-Pa, he cares…) Manning displayed at the end of the 80s promises that he will never have the opportunity to hold.

Recruited by the Rebels of Ole Miss, a very famous college, the eldest son of Archie Manning passes routine medical tests upon entering college. There, the doctors detected on the scanner a congenital narrowing of the spinal canal. Playing a sport that exposes the body as much as American football can lead to paralysis if the nerves are hit in the wrong place. Cooper tries to go through the surgical box but the third intervention, the most delicate at the level of the spine, fails to turn into a disaster. Muscle atrophy ensues in his left leg and right arm and tremors in his right hand. For him, football is over.

Peyton and Eli inherited my arm genes, but Cooper inherited my competition and winning gene

From now on, in his life, Cooper Manning will meet two types of people: those who know his story and those who know nothing about it. The first will have a form of embarrassment for a long time to evoke the subject. “Even my father and my brothers were more embarrassed than I was to talk about this“, he explained last June in Sports Illustrated in June.

The latter do not understand, especially in view of the success of the father and that, even more brilliant, of his brothers. All this amuses Cooper, who displays humor and detachment from his own destiny. His wife, Ellen, laughs much less. This lawyer never hesitates to step up to defend him:

You can’t imagine what people would say to him, especially when his brothers came to the NFL. ‘Your brothers are so strong, why are you nothing? Why aren’t you in the NFL too? You weren’t good enough?’ When that happens, and it happens a lot, I get carried away, I try to say ‘Man, let me tell you something, he just…’ and that’s when Cooper cuts me off to say ‘Leave it. fall, they don’t know, it doesn’t matter, don’t worry.'”

Cooper Manning, the father of young Arch, in a “beautiful” suit.

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When his fledgling career was nipped in the bud, Cooper sent a letter to Peyton, who was already starting to dazzle everyone in high school, telling her what he couldn’t tell her: “I would like to live my dream through you. Even though I can’t play anymore, I know I could still feel the same emotions watching my little brother do what he does best.Peyton will grant this wish in unimaginable proportions. Later, Eli (seven years younger than Cooper) will add pride to pride.

What would have become of Cooper Manning? His father is convinced that he would have rocked the house in the NFL, because he had a superior gnac to those of brothers. “Peyton and Eli inherited my arm genes, but Cooper inherited my competition and winning gene“, Archie once said.

The eldest of the siblings has never harbored regrets and no more resentment. And if he envies what his brothers have experienced, it is not because of their success, their fame or the glory that was theirs, he insisted in 2006: “I have often been asked if I was jealous of my brothers. My family will tell you no and that I am their main supporter. But the truth is, I’m jealous of Peyton and Eli. I’m jealous that football is their job. Jealous that they get paid weekly for this. Let them train every day. This is my jealousy. She is not unhealthy. I am so proud of my brothers. I love them. But I’m jealous that they’re having fun, having fun.”

Arch broke all his brothers’ records in high school

Having become a savvy businessman, Cooper Manning succeeded in another area while keeping a foothold in football with his popular show, The Manning Hour, broadcast on Fox. After his brothers, it is now via his son that he extends his dream by proxy. At 17, Arch is still just a kid, but the hopes around his potential are already gigantic. He is what is known as a “5-star” recruit in high school, the highest category, which has made him one of the most sought-after players by the major universities in the country.

As always, his early notoriety is a double-edged sword. The praise is sometimes excessive. Critics too. Mike Farrell, one of the most respected recruiters in the United States, was harsh with the young Manning last summer: “If his name was Arch Smith, I think he would probably be seen as a 3-star quarterback. This season (his year as a sophomore, the third year in high school or university, Editor’s note)I wouldn’t say he regressed, but he didn’t progress.”

Since then, the young Manning has silenced his “haters” by delivering a huge senior campaign. With 34 touchdowns and zero interceptions, he signed a clear round, leading his high school, Isidore Newman School, to the playoffs, of which the Greenies reached the first round last weekend. This season, Arch has surpassed all the records of his two uncles, also former residents of the Louisiana high school.

He has all the trappings of the future great quarterback: precision, efficiency, arm strength, leadership. Compared to Peyton or Eli, he adds a valuable element in today’s NFL: mobility. An element that he takes… from his grandfather, more than from his uncles. “He’s more athletic than Peyton or meconfirms Eli Manning. In this he plays more like my father than like us. In other words, Arch is kind of a combination of the three Mannings who left their mark in the NFL. It looks promising.

Arch and Archie. The grandson and his grandfather. Here in 2008. Arch was three years old.

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From next spring, he will therefore open the new chapter of his young career in the NCAA. College, last stop before the NFL. Will he be number one in the 2027 draft, following in the footsteps of Peyton and Eli? Number 2 like his grandfather? It is obviously too early to say, but this 2023 vintage is announced as one of the strongest of all time as a quarterback, with Baby Manning, his rival for the title of best player of the year in “High School” Nico Yamaleava, or Dante Moore. Of all, Arch Manning will be the most scrutinized, as he already was in recent years in high school.

He knows it, he will not be forgiven for anything and the comparison with the careers of his uncles will weigh constantly on his shoulders. If he “only” has a good, decent career in the NFL, it will be seen by many as a form of failure. “It’s very unfair, but it’s part of his story“, summed up his father a few weeks ago. So the Manning clan is doing everything to protect its last jewel. Arch hardly ever gives an interview. He is very discreet on social networks. to June 23, when he announced his commitment to the University of Texas for his future college career.

His favorite hobby? Video analysis of matches

Whether it’s his father, his grandfather or his brothers, they all seek the right balance to preserve him without suffocating him, letting him lead a normal life. As normal as possible, shall we say. “All teenagers are immature but I think he has an amazing level of maturity for his age.“, Judge Cooper Manning.”He has great humilityassured last year on ESPN his high school coach, Nelson Stewart. He does not like attracting attention and being talked about. He just likes to be there with his friends.”

Arch Manning and his father, Cooper.

Credit: Getty Images

Like many young Americans his age, Arch Manning babysits. Twice a week. Just to make some pocket money. If all goes well, in a few years, those few dollars will look paltry when he hits the jackpot of a high NFL first-round draft pick. But his father is there to remind him that everything can end very quickly. “Let him have fun, let him have funimplored Peyton at the start of her nephew’s third year in high school. The NCAA will come in its time, but it must keep this notion of fun.”

The university is almost there. In a few months, Arch will change dimension. The attention, already unprecedented for a kid of his age, will swell even more. He is preparing for it and the family is keeping watch. He “eats” football even once off the pitch. His favorite hobby? Video analysis of matches. His. those of his uncles. He’s obsessed with understanding the game.”He’s a real Manning“, laughs Peyton.

The (very) serious things will soon begin. Arch wants to succeed. For him. And for them. In the name of all his people. In the name of his grandfather, whose surname he fully shares. Of his illustrious uncles. But more than anything from his father, Cooper. The forgotten Manning.

Arch Manning, 17, in the jersey of Isidore Newman School.

Credit: Getty Images


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