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NFL |  Vikings edge Patriots 33-26

NFL | Vikings edge Patriots 33-26

(Minneapolis) Kirk Cousins ​​threw for 299 yards and three touchdowns, the last of which was caught by Adam Thielen in the fourth quarter to lead the Minnesota Vikings to a 33-26 win over the New England Patriots, Thursday evening.

Justin Jefferson had 139 yards and one of Cousins’ touchdown passes, which delivered a blazing performance against the formidable Vikings defense (9-2), who needed to bounce back from a blowout loss to the Dallas Cowboys.

The Vikings win earned rookie coach Kevin O’Connell a win over Bill Belichick, who drafted him to the Patriots in 2008.

Jefferson set the NFL record for most receiving yards in the first three seasons and passed Randy Moss in the process. Jefferson has reached the 100-yard mark in 21 of 44 career games.

Quarterback Mac Jones set a career-high rushing 382 yards and two majors to breathe life into a stalled Patriots offense (6-5). However, she ran out of steam at the end of the game. Their fourth quarter included two punts after just three tries, a turnover after four missed tries and a desperate last streak that went nowhere.

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