NFL: teams that were perfect... or almost

NFL: teams that were perfect… or almost

The Philadelphia Eagles won again on Thursday to claim their eighth win in as many games this season, which may remind some NFL fans that one team has had a flawless run before, while others have come close. perfection.

With a 29-17 win over the Houston Texans, the Pennsylvania team are off to the best start in their history and have every reason to believe in their chances of winning the Super Bowl, a feat they have achieved in February 2018. However, will she be able to win all of her games, regular season and playoffs combined? Everything remains to be seen, but the Eagles will have some interesting challenges to face between now and the end of the regular season, including a visit to the Dallas Cowboys and two meetings against the amazing New York Giants.

Before knowing more about the destiny of the Eagles, here are some clubs that have been synonymous with perfection in the NFL, or almost.

– Miami Dolphins, 1972

The Florida team can boast of being the only one to have had an unblemished run in the season and in the playoffs. Managed at the time by Don Shula, who was in his third year as a driver, she won her 14 regular season clashes before triumphing three more times. Miami defeated Washington 14-7 in Super Bowl VII.

Despite the loss of quarterback Bob Griese, injured during the second month of activity, the other Dolphins players have taken over. In the backfield, Mercury Morris and Larry Csonka became the first running back duo to each amass at least 1,000 rushing yards. Proof of their superiority, the Shula Troopers confirmed their title of the Eastern Division of the American Conference in the 10th week of the season.

– New England Patriots, 2007

Besides the 1972 Dolphins, three other teams have been perfect in a campaign. However, they stumbled at the ultimate rendezvous. Few remember the Chicago Bears of 1934 and 1942, but on the other hand, many football fans still remember the Patriots of 2007. Led by their center Tom Brady, NFL MVP that year, and by their head coach Bill Belichick, they bagged 16 wins, becoming the first perfect club in the regular season since Miami.

Also, the 16th gain had been acquired at the expense of the Giants, who lost their flag 38 to 35 in front of their supporters. However, the men of instructor Tom Coughlin did their homework well and gained confidence, because a few weeks later, they took their revenge by spoiling the course of the “Pats”. The latter saw their dream go up in smoke with a 17-14 loss in Super Bowl XLII. Some New England fans prefer to forget that famous David Tyree catch on the Giants’ decisive offensive push in the fourth quarter, while others still curse ex-pivot Eli Manning.

– San Francisco 49ers, 1984

Thanks in part to the famous Joe Montana, the Niners had the best year in their history in 1984: 15 wins against a single failure, in addition to the conquest of Super Bowl XIX, which they won by disposing of Dan Marino and the Dolphins 38-16. The No. 16 cruised to the second of his three Most Deserving Athlete titles in the Finals. Their only misstep was a 20-17 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 7.

San Francisco has counted on a dozen footballers who have received an invitation to the Pro Bowl. In addition to Montana, author of 28 touchdown passes and a harvest of 3,630 yards, there was notably running back Roger Craig, who accumulated 1,324 yards on offense, as well as offensive linemen Fred Quillan, Randy Cross and Keith Fahnhorst.

-Chicago Bears, 1985

Football fans who followed the activities of the NFL during the 1980s still remember the formidable Chicago Bears of 1985. The intractable head coach Mike Ditka guided his troops to a 15-1 campaign; their lone loss was by the Dolphins on a Monday night in December after the Illinois club won its first 12 games.

With quarterback Jim McMahon, running back Walter Payton and towering rookie defensive end William “The Fridge” Perry, a 335 lb behemoth, the Bears terrorized the entire league, including the Patriots, who they slaughtered 46 to 10 in Super Bowl XX. Much to the chagrin of their haters, they had plenty to celebrate, sometimes arrogantly. By the way, after their ultimate victory, the players produced a rap song – “The Super Bowl Shuffle” – which reached No. 41 on the US Billboard top 100.

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