Animation: Sonic the Hedgehog OAVs

Animation: Sonic the Hedgehog OAVs

When Sonic Prime points the tip of its snout, where our dear blue hedgehog has invaded dark rooms for some time now, and where the many animated adaptations are broadcast or rebroadcast, one of its productions has escaped the joys of official import for years …

sonic movie

Which will you tell me? A little patience, we are going to travel in a time that those under 20 (25) cannot know.

Back in 1997. That year, the Saturn tries to survive, SEGA cancels the Sonic X-Treme project and those kept secret (see the file of 20 years of Sonic) and to make us wait publishes the brilliant Sonic Jam.

The Sonic World present on the cake offered five buildings to discover, including the Movie Theater which made it possible to view a multitude of videos dedicated to the hedgehog, from Japanese commercials, through the intro and ending of Sonic CD in full screen, to an enigmatic “Sonic The Hedgehog”.

What was my surprise that year when for the first time I launched the video…

I was simply in front of the trailer of what seemed to be a cartoon inspired by Sonic CDs. We could see Sonic there of course, but also Knuckles, Tails, Robotnik who we didn’t call Eggman yet at home, and of course Metal Sonic, all served by a wonderfully rendered dark and post-apocalyptic atmosphere!!! It didn’t take much more for me to stamp with joy hoping for a French adaptation that never came…

In 2022, maybe some of you have never even heard of this OVA, so for those who know and for others:

What is Sonic the Hedgehog?

Well it’s a two-part anime produced in 1996 by SEGA Enterprises and produced by Studio Pierrot.

In Japan, it will first be released on two VHS for rental, the first on January 26, 1996, the second on May 31 of the same year. Each VHS contains one of the two OAVs that make up Sonic The Hedgehogthe first being called Welcome to Eggmalandthe second Sonic VS Metal Sonic.

On September 07, 1999, it will be imported into the United States to coincide with the release of the Dreamcast in two formats, VHS and DVD, but in a single footage containing both episodes and called: Sonic The Hedgehog The Movie. It will also arrive in England.

The movie universe

The story takes place on the planet Freedom consisting of two different layers. An outer layer called the Land of Sky where the continents float and move above the surface of the planet, and another called the Land of Darkness.

Sonic and his friends therefore live in a continent of the Earth of the sky, located in the southern islands and governed by a president (President of South Island).

Relaxing at home with Tails, he is summoned by the President of the South Island via one of his emissaries (Old Man Owl); indeed, it would seem that his daughter Sara and himself are held prisoner by Eggman who wishes to speak with the hedgehog.

Against all odds, Eggman asks for Sonic’s help to rid the Earth of darkness of a mysterious and powerful character who has taken control of Eggmanland, the city of the egg-headed doctor: Black Eggman!!! The latter has sabotaged the egg generator (Egg Generator) of the crazy professor and is threatening to blow up the planet if no one stops him!!!

Once Tails and Sonic left, we will learn that all this was in fact a masquerade set up from scratch by Eggman helped by the president and his daughter…

On the spot, after a long fight between the three protagonists, joined by Knuckle and his hat, Sonic finally finds the generator, but finds himself trapped… Eggman’s true plan is about to be revealed, all this had only to activate the evil, mechanical twin of the hedgehog: Hyper Metal Sonic!

A fight to the death then begins where the robot outperforms its model in all areas. It takes place in the air, in mountains and in forests. Metal Sonic emerges victorious, leaving the hedgehog for dead.

Then follows the slow destruction by the robot of the cities of the continent, then the beginning of the destruction of the planet in the glaciers of this one where the final fight will be held, a terrible fight, committed and violent that, in spite of its superiority , Metal will end up losing, hacked by Tails and who, after a surprising realization of his reason for existing, will save the president and Sara before ending up destroyed in the lava of a volcano by admitting to his alter-ego that he does not There’s only one Sonic.


Released in the late 1990s, Sonic The Hedgehog is steeped in qualities, it is generally well drawn even if to be honest sonic x or even the DAs of sonic cd remain above this level. It is lively and enjoys a musical atmosphere anchored in its time based on electronic music but which succeeds rather well.

It is faithful to the original material and we find with pleasure the different protagonists of video games, but also the Badniks and the decorations reminding us of the video game universe from which it is inspired, thanks to the presence of bumpers, spades or celebrates Tornado, just like the actions of the hedgehog: he runs, jumps, curls up, crosses walls, Tails flies and is cute and mischievous, Knuckles digs, hovers and remains a solitary rebel.

The film, despite its age, remains a success skillfully combining humor and seriousness for a balanced and coherent whole that would have deserved an official French adaptation.

In short, I can only advise all those who, like me, are a fan of the blue hedgehog to discover this little-known pearl of the Sonic universe.

Technical sheet

Original Title: Sonic the Hedgehog
Western Title: Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie
Production: Studio Pierrot, Sega Enterprises, General Entertainment
Directed by: Kazunori Ikegami
Storyboards: Sadayori Sekijima
Screenplay: Masashi Kubota
Music: Mitsuhiro Tada, Riyu Konaka
Photography: Studio Cosmos, Motoaki Ikegami
Character Design, Animation: Tsuneo Ninomiya
Special effects: Kenji Ikeda
Editing: Seiji Morita
Mixing: Akiyoshi Yoda
Sound effects: Daisuke Jinbo, Swarer Production
Producers: Kōichirō Sugie (episode 1), Akinori Ōno (episode 2), Takayuki Sugisaki, Naoji Hōnokidani
Distribution company: AD Vision (VHS, DVD)
Duration: 54 minutes (2 x 27 minutes)
Release dates:
Episode 1 – Journey to Eggmanland: January 26, 1996 (Japan)
Episode 2 – Sonic VS Metal Sonic!! : May 31, 1996 (Japan)
VHS, DVD: September 7, 1999 (International)

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