Chloé Jouannet: “Being the son or daughter of…, I was made to pay for it”

Chloé Jouannet: “Being the son or daughter of…, I was made to pay for it”

Nicknamed “Little Dragon” by those close to her (her father Thomas Jouannet, her mother Alexandra Lamy and her aunt Audrey Lamy), Chloé Jouannet is a bit like Madame 100,000 volts. “I spit fire but I’m very sensitive”, tells us the actress on the poster of “My heroine”, the first feature film by Noémie Lefort. The story of a young woman from Rouen who dreams of meeting Julia Roberts to have her read the screenplay she wrote. A priori impossible… Armed with audacity, the young girl will cross the Atlantic, and, in New York, live experiences that will make her grow. A real feel-good movie, and the first movie to be shot in New York after the lockdown. “The atmosphere was strange, New York seemed empty. We walked around at night with the feeling that the city belonged to us. I managed to visit the studios of Jimmy Fallon and “Saturday Night Live”. I was hysterical with happiness. »

Her debut as an actress

The timbre of voice is identical to that of his mother and his aunt, fast and enthusiastic. “On the phone, my grandfather never knows who he is dealing with. We have to state our first name! The mimicry started young. On vacation on the set of “Lucky Luke”, by James Huth, with Jean Dujardin, she replaced at short notice the actress who played the character of young Alexandra Lamy. “For the team, it seemed obvious. On the other hand, at school, everything was more complicated. “In France, being the son or daughter of…, I was made to pay for it. To protect her, her mother takes her to live in England. Between the ages of 14 and 19, she studied artistic subjects, entered the London Conservatory and became bilingual.

At 19, on her return to France, she began to make a name for herself, among others in the series “Derby Girl” (two seasons), the story of a queen of figure skating dismissed by her federation for having cut her fingers of her rival… We also see her in “Touchées”, directed by her mother on the theme of domestic violence, and in “Notre-Dame brule”, by Jean – Jacques Annaud.

With family

Like the character of Alex in “My Heroine”, Chloé now has a dream: to go behind the camera. “This film clicked me. She is writing her first short film, the story of a divorced father who takes his daughter to a twirling competition. Chloé would like to entrust the role to her father, Thomas Jouannet, and that of the girl to her little sister, Mado. She must first finish filming “Killer Coaster”, a series for Amazon Prime, with partners Alexandra Lamy and Audrey Lamy. Family, I love you.

“My heroine”, by Noémie Lefort, also with Louise Coldefy, Pascale Arbillot, Brigitte Fossey (1 h 48).

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