We Are People: a road-movie documentary on the history of disabled sport - Faire Face

We Are People: a road-movie documentary on the history of disabled sport – Faire Face

In a documentary broadcast on Sunday June 26 on Canal+, Michaël Jéremiasz, multi-medal winner at the Paralympic Games in wheelchair tennis, discusses the relationship between sport and disability. We Are People introduces the history of handisport at an upbeat pace. He recalls how much access to sport has helped people with disabilities to emancipate themselves.

“After my accident, three things allowed me to find a fulfilling life. My family, my friends and sport. » For a long time, Michaël Jéremiasz wanted to make a film to tell his story and show how sport, in this case wheelchair tennis, had helped him give meaning to his life. Of its history, it is question in the documentary We Are People aired Sunday June 26 on Canal+. But also stories of women and men who have seized the opportunity to achieve personal fulfillment in sport. Directed by Philippe Fontana, the champion himself lends him his voice.

Didactic and committed lighting

Shot road-movie style across seven countries, We Are People retraces the conquest of sport by people with disabilities. This documentary mixes the points of view of researchers, archive images (some of them quite incredible) and testimonials from champions. In doing so, he analyzes in a didactic and committed way the contribution of sport to the inclusion of disability in society. From the first deaf-mute cycling club in 1899 to Damien Seguin’s performance in the last Vendée Globe. A century of sport scrolls through this story.

Thus, the sportsman explains how much he had to fight to be accepted in his discipline. “I get a letter that says: “The selection committee considers that you are not capable of sailing like a good sailor. » People were afraid that I would endanger myself and others. Finally, the criteria for access to ocean racing have been reviewed. » A victory that is worth more than all the medals (which he has also won).

Two years ago, Like Phoenixes: The Paralympic Spirit (Rising Phoenix), a documentary on Netflix returned to the history of Paralympism. We Are People sheds a different light, less in the cult of performance and superheroes. He strives to decipher this history of sport through the prism of disability in all its dimensions, human, and above all political. A success.

Broadcast Sunday, June 26, at 9 p.m., on Canal +. Clearly later.

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