“Ghostbusters” how did the saga become cult?

In 1984, the world discovered an incongruous band of ghost hunters. It’s the first movie Ghostbusters who went to the cinema. After a sequel in 1989, fans waited until 2021 to find the franchise in cinemas, with Ghostbusters: Legacy which takes up the codes of the two previous ones, but with new actors and a more teen-movie side. Meanwhile, a female version was released in 2016, without unanimous support. But how did this saga become cult?

Endearing and funny characters

Contrary to what its title may suggest, Ghostbusters is not a horror film. On the contrary, it is a comedy. And, the least we can say is that some characters are colorful!

This is the case of Dr. Peter Venkman interpreted by Bill Murray. One of the protagonists and founder of ghostbusters. Considered by his peers as a failed scientist, he is a character who enjoys being in the spotlight as well as seducing. The other members are not left out and are just as unforgettable as Bill Murray. Speaking of unforgettable actors, let’s also not forget Sigourney Weaver who plays the Ghostbusters’ first customer.

Other very important characters in the film are the spirits and ghosts. Eh yes ! A ghost film without its ghosts would be boring. Here, we are dealing with malevolent ancient deities, like Gozer who is embodied, among other things, in a huge demonic Bibendum Marshmallow. But also to more harmless ghosts such as Eat-all which adds the comic effect of the film.

Finally, we must not forget the famous Ectomobile, Ecto-1, in which the protagonists hunt spirits. This white Cadillac is as iconic as the costumes and the protagonists.

"Ghostbusters" how did the saga become cult?
Ecto-1 the famous Ghostbusters car!

An unforgettable soundtrack

Today, the film’s original music is perhaps better known than the film itself! In fact, the song ghostbusters was written for the film by Ray Parker Jr.. The song quickly became a hit. Indeed, it was placed at the top of the charts in many countries like the United States, United Kingdom and France. In France, it was number 1 in the Top 50!

Today at Like the film, this song is part of popular culture. It is often played in playlists Halloween. But it is also used by other films or series. For example, we hear it in season 2 of Stranger Thingswhen the protagonists disguise themselves as ghostbusters for Halloween.

After a female reboot of the first Ghostbusters in 2016, the franchise returns with a real sequel. This sequel takes place many years after the end of the second film. It follows the adventures of the grandchildren ofEgon Spengler one of the founders of ghostbusters.

This sequel knows how to create the balance between novelty with a generation of young actors. Such as Finn Wolfhard having started in Stranger Things. But also with its share of nostalgia and the rediscovery of the codes of the franchise. In a sense, a film that allows the youngest to discover Ghostbusters in their own way and nostalgic to immerse themselves in the universe they love.

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