Spotify revises its ambitions around live audio downwards

Spotify is slowing down in the live audio market and canceling many of its programs.

Fans of a number of live audio series from Spotify will soon have to say goodbye to their favorite programs. Indeed, if we are to believe Bloombergthe music and podcast streaming service has ended production of series like Doughboys: Snack Pack, Two Me After Darkwhich describes itself as “the place for the latest tea with your favorite personalities”, The Movie Buff with comedian Jon Gabrus and A Gay in the Life, which offers a safe space for exchanges around the LGBTQ+ world. These programs have already been canceled or their cancellation formalized.

Spotify slows in live audio market

A company spokesperson confirmed the cancellations to Bloomberg. According to multiple sources, Spotify terminated some of these programs before their creators’ contracts expired, but the service will pay them the full amount that was promised.

and cancels many of its programs

Several companies, including Spotify, saw live audio programming as a new growth segment when the pandemic and lockdowns raged and Clubhouse exploded in popularity. Spotify had given Locker Room, the audio-based social network for sports fans it acquired in March 2021, a serious facelift and renamed it Greenroom. The platform launched a dedicated Greenroom app last year, renaming it again Spotify Live in April and integrating it into its main app.

If the cancellation of several programs indicates that the company is now revising its ambitions downwards in this market, this does not mean that it will completely eliminate this format. Bloomberg explain that The Fantasy Footballers and The Ringer MMA Show will continue their adventure.

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