X Movie Killer Pearl Backstory Explained

X Movie Killer Pearl Backstory Explained

Ti West’s X movie features a terrifying killer with resolutely human motivations, but what are Pearl’s story and origins? First released domestically on March 18, 2022, Ti West’s “erotic horror” X opened to rave reviews from the horror community, with critics noting X’s desire to return to a formula of well-rehearsed slasher that acts firmly as a poignant homage to classics such as John Carpenter’s Halloween and Tobe Hooper’s The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. Despite the finality of its ending, director Ti West has already finished the film Pearl, which is considered a prequel film. X follows a budding young film crew as they arrive at a remote Texas farm to shoot a pornographic film in the late 1970s, which idealistic director RJ (Owen Campbell) says will be “a piece of cinema “.

Blinded by their ambitions to get rich quick in a thriving home video porn industry, the young group is largely unaware of a coveted presence on the nearby farm in the form of Pearl (Mia Goth). However, as night falls, Pearl’s lustful intent turns violent, with RJ and his crew forced to face the horror of Pearl’s suppressed emotions. Between the events of X the Movie and Ti West’s Pearl, X’s titular killer Pearl is a terrifying proposition. Ti West’s X-prequel Pearl, which focuses on the origins of this fascinating, human antagonist, sets out to delve deeper into the warped psyche of this green-eyed character. Accordingly, here’s the killer X-film backstory explained, including what can be gleaned from Pearl.

How old is Pearl In X?

Ti West’s film X casts Pearl as a macabre portrait of graceless aging, with Pearl coveting the youth of the promiscuous group that arrives at the farm. A face shriveled with jealousy, Pearl at first seems unable to take care of herself before the X-movie characters realize, to their horror, that she is able to quickly dispatch them one by one. This juxtaposition between Pearl’s appearance and her vivid actions makes it difficult to determine her actual age in X, with the audience needing the context provided by Pearl to determine her age. In this way, Pearl shows a teenage version of Pearl growing up against the backdrop of the final year of World War II in 1918. Given X is set in 1979, and Pearl is around sixteen in the movie Pearl, one can infer that his character is around 77 years old in X.

Why and when Pearl started killing

While her husband Howard (Stephen Ure of The Lord of the Rings trilogy) initially states that Pearl’s craving for the porn crew’s hedonistic lifestyle is what ignites her bloodlust, it becomes clear through the X’s runtime and the Pearl movie that Pearl was a killer long before the movie. events. Pearl’s murder apparently dates back to her childhood, with Pearl’s post-credits trailer showing the titular character hacking and slashing several off-screen characters in fits of rage. Pearl’s actions throughout X make it increasingly clear that she is driven by jealousy rather than anger at her lack of sex, with Pearl lusting after and subsequently killing RJ’s crew out of envy. for their youth. These motivations are supported by Pearl’s post-credits trailer, which shows a young Pearl looking longingly at photographs of other people before the teaser cuts to quick shots of her hacking unknown characters. In this way, Pearl has always killed out of jealousy, but the source of her jealousy shifts from her original motivations in Pearl to longing for her youth again in X – which paints her as a more tragic figure as a result.

How did Pearl meet Howard?

Howard is as devoted a husband as one is likely to find in X, helping Pearl cover up his murders and staunchly supporting his wife despite her heinous actions. The prequel X Pearl reveals that she and Howard are already married in 1918 and he is away fighting in World War I. Therefore, it’s unknown how the two met, but even then he was still covering up for his wife’s crimes, as evidenced by Pearl’s ending. In the final moments of the film, Pearl has her deceased family seated around the dinner table with a rotten pig in the middle, which Howard comes home and witnesses. Rather than running away in terror or calling the authorities, the film ends with her pained smile and loose-jawed expression.

How Pearl became the owner of the farm in X

The movie Pearl reveals that the main character was living on the farm in 1918 when the movie was made. The Texas farm is owned by his overbearing mother Ruth (Tandi Wright) and crippled and paralyzed father (Matthew Sutherland). Pearl is tasked with caring for both her father and the farm throughout the film, and she has a penchant for harming farm animals. Pearl eventually inherits the farm when she kills her mother and father by setting Ruth on fire and suffocating her father. Once Howard returns home to witness his crimes, it’s clear that they both inherit the farm from his German immigrant parents, the same farm that’s featured in X the Movie.

Pearl’s religious beliefs and their impact on X Movie

A common theme woven into X’s narrative is religion, with several of the film’s characters having ties to Christianity and overt biblicisms. Maxine (also played by Mia Goth in X) is revealed to be the daughter of the televangelist preacher playing on farm televisions, which acts as an additional link between her character and Pearl, who was “exactly like Maxine” in her younger years , while Pearl and Howard themselves are portrayed as God-fearing Christians despite their murderous inclinations. Once again, director Ti West’s film Pearl highlights Pearl’s warped understanding of religion mixed with his desire to kill, with Maxine’s assertion that “I will not accept a life that I don’t deserve. not” (a sentiment taken from Mark 10:15 verses in the Bible) acting as a mirror of Pearl’s self-centered approach to desire and sin. Director Ti West goes to great lengths to ensure that the characters of Pearl and Maxine share a relevant sense of duality, and Pearl’s religious beliefs are unknowingly echoed by porn star Maxine (the daughter of a preacher) is a powerful link between the two.

What The Pearl Prequel Movie Revealed About Killer X

Pearl, the prequel film to X, delves deep into the killer’s backstory. From delving into his psychopathy to portraying his very first murder, Pearl (which was released 6 months after X) delves deep into the character’s psyche and propensity for murderous acts. First, the film shows that Pearl grew up in an incredibly strict household. Since her father is crippled and ill, her overbearing mother Ruth runs the house and even goes so far as to take away Pearl’s supper after she forgets eight cents from when she was shopping. Ruth does not support or indulge Pearl’s celebrity fantasies and constantly berates her daughter for these aspirations. Second, the film explores Pearl’s descent into psychopathy, beginning with her torture of farm animals and ending with the slaughter of her family, the projectionist, and her step-sister Mitsy. Pearl doesn’t start killing people at first, but she also doesn’t kick off the movie completely sane. It’s clear that she’s had a penchant for violence from the start, but she’s driven to murder by feelings of abandonment, jealousy, and (in her mother’s case) rage.

Another theme that Pearl explores is her dashed hopes and dreams, which are behind her murderous actions in X the Movie. Pearl goes to great lengths to become a backing vocalist, and in the meantime, she falls in love with a cinema projectionist when she’s already married. After finding out about an audition from Mitsy, she wholeheartedly believes this is her only chance. When Mitsy is chosen over her, she kills her step-sister in cold blood. Overall, the Pearl film reveals that Slayer X has always been as cold, calculated, theatrical and violent as she is in this latest film.

How Suite X can show off more Pearl

Ti West remains busy with the X franchise, as a sequel movie has been announced, titled MaXXXine. The film is currently in production, with Mia Goth reprising her role as Maxine, although it’s unclear if Pearl will make an appearance. Although Maxine killed Pearl at the end of X, that doesn’t mean the villain can’t be seen through memories or flashbacks. Maxine is the perfect mirror image of Pearl, a creative decision intentionally made to elevate the horror film beyond its elements. The MaXXXine would be remiss if it didn’t include Pearl to some degree. MaXXXine will follow the survivor of X as she continues her journey to becoming an actress in 1980s Los Angeles. So while the focus isn’t on Pearl this time around, it’s possible the character will appear in flashbacks or memories. Pearl may be living through Maxine’s equally violent actions. Either way, MaXXXine is sure to end the series with Mia’s stellar performances as Maxine and Pearl resonate strongly in the public’s memory.

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