Green Bay Packers sensation Christian Watson

Green Bay Packers sensation Christian Watson

After being expected – in vain – at the Super Bowl for the past three seasons, the Green Bay Packers are struggling this year in the NFL. They have only won five games out of thirteen (including a series of five consecutive defeats) and it is likely that they will have to be dispensed with for the play-offs next January. In such a blizzard, however, a Packers player managed to break through: receiver Christian Watson. He currently has 401 yards and seven touchdowns on reception. Correct. Yes, but here are these statistics, Watson has almost all signed them during the last four matches of his team. And, there, that’s another story.

On November 13, Green Bay managed to beat Dallas (31-28 ap), a candidate for the play-offs. Christian Watson caught only four balls but converted three on touchdown, including one from 58 yards. Rebelote the following weekend. The Packers receiver this time signed a brace but did not prevent a loss against Tennessee. Watson finally scored against Philadelphia last week, then again at Chicago on Sunday. A regularity as impressive as it is sudden.

First season in the NFL

In addition, to further embellish the story, Christian Watson is currently only playing his first NFL season and, before having a superb month of November, he had mostly accumulated disappointments. Aged 23, Watson, whose dad had a short NFL career, had been selected in the second round of the last draft, at the end of his course at the University of North Dakota State, which evolves in D1-A (the NCAA D1 bis).

The mission promised to be tough. He was to replace Davante Adams, one of the best receivers in the league, who, by dint of missing the Super Bowl with Green Bay, signed in Las Vegas. Watson wasn’t the best available player in his position, but his profile appealed to the Packers. Despite his large size (1.96 m and 90 kg), he runs fast and is good in duels with opposing defenders.

Injury, missed pass, concussion…

But, very quickly, the Wisconsin franchise and its new receiver must have become disillusioned. Christian Watson first suffered a small knee injury, which caused him to miss part of his team’s training camp last summer. Then he missed the first pass that Aaron Rodgers, the excellent quarterback of Green Bay, intended for him, while the way was open for the touchdown. As a result, Rodgers did not ask him again until the end of the game, and Watson immediately lost the starting place that he had been given.

His first TD in the NFL, he finally registered it … while running, in early October against New England. But that did not loosen the Packers rookie. Watson also suffered a concussion against Buffalo a month later. After playing six of Green Bay’s first nine games, he had only received 10 assists. Weak, very weak. What arouses mockery and doubts.

Watson does as well as Randy Moss

Finally, Christian Watson regained a place of choice in the attack of the Packers, after the injury to the ankle of Romeo Doubs, another receiver beginner, who had earned his stripes of holder. And, facing the Dallas Cowboys, Watson woke up and has been dreaming ever since. He was thus elected best rookie of the month of November.

Two weeks ago, against the Chicago Bears, Watson scored another TD by the run. This brings his total to eight in four matches (nine in total for the season). Such a performance, only one receiver had done it: Randy Moss in 1998. Nice reference. If Christian Watson achieves the same career … To be confirmed Monday (2:15 a.m.), during the last match of the 15th day of the NFL regular season, against the Los Angeles Rams.


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