Minnesota Vikings in NFL history, Buffalo Bills qualified for play-offs

Minnesota Vikings in NFL history, Buffalo Bills qualified for play-offs

The Minnesota Vikings, one of the best NFL teams this season, were having a nightmare at home against the Indianapolis Colts on Saturday during the 15th day of the regular season. In the third quarter, they were indeed led 33-0 by an opponent, whose course could not have been more mediocre (four wins in 13 matches). But the Vikings were finally able to recover to sign the biggest comeback in NFL history and win (39-36 ap).

Minnesota endured everything: fumble, aborted fourth attempt, denied touchdown, interception… For its part, Indianapolis had scored three TD’s and five field goals. Then the “Northmen” went wild. Their defense finally contained the Colts and the offense scored five touchdowns. The runner Dalvin Cook converted to receiver, the time of an action, and scored a TD from 64 yards to snatch the equalizer 2’15 “from the end of the game. Indianapolis then did not react, sending both teams into overtime.

Cousins-Osborn-Jefferson, winning trio

In extra time, each team took a punt first, before Greg Joseph scored the field goal in a historic victory for the Minnesota Vikings, who in the process became the third team of the season to qualify for the play-offs, after Philadelphia, last weekend, and San Francisco, Thursday.

Kirk Cousins, the Minnesota quarterback, threw for 460 yards and four touchdown passes. Something to delight his receivers KJ Osborn (157 yards) and Justin Jefferson (123). The Indianapolis Colts, not content to have been humiliated, also lost Jonathan Taylor, their star runner, who injured his ankle.

Tucker (Baltimore) twice failed

In a much less spectacular meeting, the Cleveland Browns beat the Baltimore Ravens (13-3) and thus keep a hope of playing the play-offs. Justin Tucker, Baltimore’s best kicker in the NFL, missed two field goals. It hadn’t happened to him for four years.

Finally the Buffalo Bills, considered the favorites to win the Super Bowl, won at home, under the snow, against the Miami Dolphins (32-29), thanks to a field goal scored at the last second by Tyler Bass. They also qualified for the play-offs. Buffalo quarterback Josh Allen threw for 304 yards and four touchdown passes.


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