NFL – State of forces: No more weeks of rest, place for the final sprint in the NFL

Each week, the presents the State of forces in the NFL. This ranking is based on the performance of the teams during the last weeks of activities and on the movements of personnel.

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Rankings at the end of the 14th week of activities in the NFL

1) Philadelphia Eagles : Record of 12-1. (Last week ranking: 1st)

First team to secure a playoff berth. It was only a matter of time, but it’s all the more reassuring to do it convincingly in a one-sided game against the plummeting Giants.

2) Buffalo Bills : Record of 10-3. (Last week ranking: 2nd)

Another victory without too much history for the Bills. The confirmation of Von Miller’s loss for the rest of the season is a blow to the defense. Miller brought crucial experience. If the offensive performances are not to break everything, it is more attributable to the beautiful defense of the Jets.

3) Cincinnati Bengals : Record of 9-4. (Last week ranking: 5th)

With the Bengals finally counting on a full offensive lineup with the return of Joe Mixon, Tyler Boyd and Tee Higgins left the game with injuries. Easy victory despite everything, a fifth in a row. Either way, it doesn’t appear to be long-term and shouldn’t affect their respective playoff presence.

4) Dallas Cowboys : Record of 10-3. (Last week ranking: 4th)

The Cowboys. This team that can annihilate another formation and then need all their change to defeat the Texans. “Any given sunday”, goes the expression. The honor was saved with a late-game 98-yard streak for the game-winning touchdown. Have we learned any lessons?

5) Kansas City Chiefs : Record of 10-3. (Last week ranking: 6th)

Funny game for the Chiefs. Comfortably ahead, Patrick Mahomes himself opened the door for the Broncos by being the victim of two interceptions in two consecutive games. Fortunately, the cushion of 27 points offered before these blunders was enough to give the victory.

6) San Francisco 49ers : Record of 9-4. (Last week ranking: 7th)

Brock Purdyyyyyyyyyy! Mr. very “relevant” played a solid game with three touchdowns and he watched the defense dominate the Bucs. Deebo Samuel gave his team quite a scare, but luckily the star player would return before the playoffs. Even with Mr. Irrelevant in office, the Niners are serious.

7) Minnesota Vikings : Record of 10-3. (Last week ranking: 3rd)

By giving up 464 yards against the Lions, the Vikings have now allowed over 400 yards in a fifth straight game, the longest such streak in team history. While the attack under Kevin O’Connell is interesting, the defense could be the team’s Achilles’ heel at the end of the season.

8) Baltimore Ravens : Record of 9-4. (Last week ranking: 10th)

JK Dobbins returned to action after a six-game absence due to an arthroscopy to inspect his knee. Did we fix the problem? With 120 yards on 15 carries and a touchdown, you have to believe so! Without Lamar Jackson and with the injury to Tyler Huntley, Dobbins may need to take his game up a notch over the next few weeks.

9) Los Angeles Chargers : Sheet of 7-6. (Last week ranking: 12th)

The Tua-Herbert debates have been reignited this season with the Dolphins’ performances. Let’s say that Sunday evening, the debate did not exist. Herbert was dominant.

That said, I would still like to point out that Brandon Staley still kept the opposing team in the game with his habit of refusing to take three points on a first sequence. Why?

10) Miami Dolphins : Record of 8-5. (Last week ranking: 8th)

Phew. How can an attack go from so threatening to so bad. Tua Tagovailoa just horrible to watch on Sunday. It was almost embarrassing. And it must be said that the final statistics helped the cause, because he did not even deserve to have 10 completed passes. Miami should have lost by two or three possessions. Worse still, Tyreek Hill looked hurt during the encounter.

11) Tennessee Titans : Sheet of 7-6. (Last week ranking: 9th)

Disappointing loss to the Jaguars. Yet Derrick Henry seemed inhuman in the first quarter. Suddenly, the Titans have become very doubtful and with appointments against the Chargers and the Cowboys, in two of the next three games, the duel against the Jaguars in week 18 could be a lot more important than expected. !

12) Detroit Lions : Sheet of 6-7. (Last week ranking: 16th)

Attention! The Lions are getting dangerously close to the playoffs. With games against the Jets, Panthers, Bears and Packers, the Lions are sudden favorites in most of those games and a strong end to the season could spell the playoffs for the first time since 2016. Count me in bandwagon!

13) Washington Commanders : Record of 7-5-1. (Last week ranking: 14th)

It’s always great to move up two places in the leaderboard without playing! The Commanders temporarily go into the playoffs thanks to the defeats of the Seahawks and the Giants.

14) Seattle Seahawks : Sheet of 7-6. (Last week ranking: 11th)

It becomes well to arrive at a time a less good match of Geno Smith. Despite everything, it’s still three touchdown passes launched by Geno. Without Kenneth Walker, let’s say it’s less glorious. The Giants and Seahawks are in freefall as the Lions deliver their best football. Detroit has the wind in its sails.

15) New York Giants : Record of 7-5-1. (Last week ranking: 13th)

Suddenly the Giants are in real danger with the Seahawks and Lions just steps behind and the teams around doing better. Everything is falling apart for the Giants.

16) New England Patriots : Sheet of 7-6. (Last week ranking: 19th)

Obligatory victory of the Pats who put the pedal to the floor with 20 points without response. Rhamondre Stevenson, however, left the game with a foot injury. In his absence, Pierre Strong has been excellent, but will he be able to keep up the pace?

17) New York Jets : Sheet of 7-6. (Last week ranking: 15th)

Garrett Wilson may not have had the luxury of playing with great quarterbacks this season, but he still set the record for yards through the air in a first season for a Jets receiver. Wilson passed Keyshawn Johnson (844) for the team’s all-time high. With the loss, however, the Jets will likely need to win three of the last four this season.

18) Las Vegas Raiders : Sheet of 5-8. (Last week ranking: 17th)

The Raiders are still inventing ways to lose. In control all game, the Raiders managed to escape another game and put what is possibly the final highlight in their playoff hopes.

19) Tampa Bay Buccaneers : Sheet of 6-7. (Last week ranking: 18th)

As it takes a winner in the South division of the National, it will probably be the Bucs. Really, nothing works. Tom Brady looks like a more than average quarterback and the offensive line doesn’t give him a chance. In short, maybe Brady will be able to amaze by participating in the playoffs without really deserving it. With him, everything is possible.

20) Green Bay Packers : Sheet of 5-8. (Last week ranking: 20th)

If the Packers can’t really hope for better anymore, they could still have fun hurting the Vikings and Lions.

21) Atlanta Falcons : Sheet of 5-8. (Last week ranking: 21st)

With some rest, can the Falcons beat the Saints and Bucs and take advantage of the likely absences of Lamar Jackson and Kyler Murray to put on a winning streak and carve out a playoff berth? We can always dream.

22) Cleveland Browns : Sheet of 5-8. (Last week ranking: 22nd)

Better, but still unconvincing by Deshaun Watson. He did, however, throw his first touchdown pass in 707 days. It’s more rehearsals for next year in the case of the Browns.

23) Jacksonville Jaguars : Sheet of 5-8. (Last week ranking: 28th)

Sorry? Evan Engram with 162 yards and two touchdowns? Trevor Lawrence had perhaps his best game of his career in a second season marked by great progression. The most fabulous thing about it is that the Jags show up in the playoff portrait. Admittedly, hope is slim, but hope gives life!

24) Los Angeles Rams : Sheet of 4-9. (Last week ranking: 27th)

Football week got off to a great start between the Rams and Raiders. About 48 hours after joining the team, Baker Mayfield led an unhoped-for late streak to score the game-winning touchdown. Baker’s excitement within the locker room was palpable. Can Sean McVay resurrect his career?

25) Pittsburgh Steelers : Sheet of 5-8. (Last week ranking: 23rd)

After replacing injured Kenny Pickett, Mitch Trubisky lost his chance to win back his job by just being bad. Maybe very bad.

26) Indianapolis Colts : Sheet of 4-8-1. (Last week ranking: 24th)

With virtually nothing to play, will the Colts want to risk the health of Jonathan Taylor, who played injured for a good part of the season? We hope so for your fantasy.

27) Carolina Panthers : Sheet of 5-8. (Last week ranking: 29th)

Panthers without Baker win. Baker without the Panthers wins. Well then. Carolina won the battle for turnovers and time of possession, an effective recipe, but we should not get carried away with this victory.

28) New Orleans Saints : Sheet of 4-9. (Last week ranking: 25th)

The Saints were on leave before starting the final sprint to the season. Incredibly, at 4-9, a winning streak could still land them in series with the horror of the division.

29) Arizona Cardinals : Sheet of 4-9. (Last week ranking: 26th)

The Cards only needed that. Losing Kyler Murray for the season to a torn anterior cruciate ligament. The game against the Pats changed completely when the team failed a 4th and 1 in Pats territory late in the first half.

30) Denver Broncos : Sheet of 3-10. (Last week ranking: 30th)

The Broncos played possibly their best game of the season offensively… One of the rare times when the defense was not flawless. Russell Wilson was surely playing his best game before leaving on an ominous scene where he seemed to lose consciousness.

31) Chicago Bears : Sheet of 3-10. (Last week ranking: 31st)

In this final sprint, the Bears will simply want to progress. That’s the only goal. That, and harming others.

32) Houston Texans : Sheet of 1-11-1. (Last week ranking: 32nd)

Moral victory against the Cowboys. Too bad, because real victory was so close. A late 98-yard streak finally ended hopes.

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