9 lessons from Week 15: AFC South for Jaguars, Patriots already in Christmas spirit

9 lessons from Week 15: AFC South for Jaguars, Patriots already in Christmas spirit

It’s better not to have a heart when watching Vikings

By making the biggest comeback in NFL history on Saturday against Matt Ryan’s Colts, the Minnesota Vikings emerged victorious from an absolutely incredible scenario. They have also shown, probably more than ever, that they only know how to win close matches.

Facing an Indianapolis team that had little to play for, Minnesota could have reassured itself by winning a convincing victory after losing to Detroit last week. Instead, Kirk Cousins’ band had to go until the last second of overtime to win by just three small points. Of Minnesota’s 11 wins this season, 10 have come with barely a possession gap.

Let’s just call them the Minnesota “Cardiac” Vikings!

Matt Ryan and the comebacks, a love story made to last

Quick, the return of Lamar Jackson!

If Lamar Jackson was far from flawless before his knee injury, the Ravens are in big trouble without him offensively. Only 3 points scored against the Browns on Saturday with Tyler Huntley in charge, only 19 in the last two meetings without Lamar, in short, it’s starting to sting.

This very low total of points is all the more regrettable that Baltimore is advancing very well on the ground since the return of JK Dobbins (215 and 198 yards in total over the last two games), and that the defense is responding.

With a record of 9 wins for 5 losses, Baltimore is no longer leader of its division and loose ground in the race for the Playoffs. The Ravens hope to see Lamar Jackson again for the next game, who should return to training this week.

The Dolphins know how to be competitive in the cold

As the Miami Dolphins landed in the cold of Buffalo (-2° C) with a two-game losing streak and a tough attack, there was reason to be skeptical about their chances of victory against such a solid team. than the Bills. But Mike McDaniel’s men were able to compete with the formation of Josh Allen, who had to tear themselves away in the snow to take over Miami 32-29.

Despite the disappointment, residents of South Florida have reassured, especially offensively (405 yards, 3 TD, 0 turnover).

“Collectively, I find that we managed the external circumstances very well for a team used to playing under 25° C. I think our team has taken a step in the right direction,” said quarterback Tua Tagovailoa in particular.

A good omen for the Playoffs in January?

Daniel Jones and the Giants know how to win in prime time

11 straight losses, 9 losses in 9 games for Daniel Jones, that’s what the Giants’ record looked like in prime time before their game in Washington on Sunday night.

A terrible series that is now a thing of the past, the G-Men of a great Kayvon Thibodeaux snatching a crucial victory (20-12 against the Commanders) in the race for the Playoffs.

The Cowboys Can’t (Still) Be Trusted

If the Cowboys are officially qualified for the Playoffs, their last two outings have raised real doubts about their ability to go far, they who are still trying to find the Super Bowl for the first time since… January 1996.

After last week’s big scare (snatch victory over Houston, worst NFL team), Dallas fell to the Jaguars yesterday by conceding no less than 40 points against the pair Trevor Lawrence – Zay Jones (4 TD for the quarterback, 3 for the receiver).

40 points conceded, a 17-point lead wasted, all with a fatal interception by Dak Prescott in overtime (5 interceptions in 3 games for him), typically the kind of scenario that can give Cowboys fans cold sweats.

Jaguars set to win AFC South

Are we on fire? Maybe. But with three games to play in this regular season, all the momentum is in favor of the Jaguars to win the AFC South from the Titans.

While Tennessee is in crisis (4 losses in a row), the Jaguars are gaining momentum at the best time (3 wins in 4 games) under the impetus of a great Trevor Lawrence. Jacksonville will now face the struggling Jets (probably with Zach Wilson) on Thursday night, then the Texans (worst record in the NFL) before meeting the Titans in front of their home crowd for a potential division final.

With the Jaguars winning the first showdown against Tennessee and the Titans yet to meet the Cowboys with an increasingly diminished Ryan Tannehill, the playoffs are a very realistic goal for Jax.

Never make a side pass when it is not necessary!

The Patriots led the Raiders 24-17 with 37 seconds left. They managed to lose 24-30 by conceding two touchdowns in quick succession. The first on a 30-yard reception from Keelan Cole. The second ? On a gift action that will remain as one of the most improbable of the season.

As the score reads 24-24, New England running back Rhamondre Stevenson pulls out a 23-yard run, but decides to pass the ball to Jakobi Meyers knowing regulation time has just expired. The latter also wants to extend the game by attempting a side pass in turn, except that the latter ends up in the hands of… Chandler Jones, player from Las Vegas. What followed was a big stiff arm from the defensive end on Patriots quarterback Mac Jones, and a touchdown that gave the Raiders the win.

This is why improvised side passes should only be used in desperate situations.

The NFL is good medicine to boost morale

The final of the football World Cup (or soccer for those who prefer) between France and Argentina gave us all the emotions possible, but unfortunately it was disappointment that prevailed after the penalty shootout.

So thank you to the NFL, its surprises and its berserk scenarios, for being there this Sunday night to help us hold on.

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