Green Book, Joséphine guardian angel… what to watch on TV tonight?

Green Book, Joséphine guardian angel… what to watch on TV tonight?

The film Green Book is to follow 9:10 p.m. on France 3. In 1962, a somewhat boorish Italian-American became the driver of a black musical genius on the occasion of a tour in the segregationist South… Strolling through a country that was still racist, segregationist, this road movie nevertheless restored faith in the human. Everything opposes the protagonists, the brutal redneck (formidable Viggo Mortensen) and the rigid and refined artist, yet each of them will transform, drawing from the other what he has best. Both sensitive and intelligent, funny and moving, this fable on tolerance does a world of good.

At 9:01 p.m. on TF1 we watch fiction Josephine guardian angel. When Joséphine meets Charlotte and her daughter Léa, they have just learned the worst news. Léa, 17, has received her diagnosis: she has leukemia. A fight then begins in which Charlotte will have her place to play. She will have to incubate Léa with all her love, and push her to become a fighter. But Joséphine quickly understands the seriousness of her mission: mother and daughter have not gotten along since a difficult divorce and move.

M6 bet at 9:10 p.m. on the animated film Asterix 3D: The domain of the gods. In 50 BC, the irreducible Gauls of the village of Asterix still and always resisted the Roman invader. Emperor Caesar understands that he cannot obtain anything by force because the villagers have the famous magic potion which makes them invincible. He then adopts a less warlike strategy and hopes to coax them gently. While the Gauls live in rustic and uncomfortable huts, Caesar intends to show how modern Roman civilization is. He sends his best architects to build next to the village a set of luxurious buildings called the Domain of the Gods, intended for Roman owners…

We end this selection with the drama Cheetah at 8:55 p.m. on art. In 1860, when Garibaldi landed in Sicily, an old aristocrat prepared the future of his nephew by organizing his marriage to a young girl from the rising bourgeoisie… In settings of incredible beauty and according to a fabulous interpretation , a magnificent reflection, intimate and spectacular at the same time, on the end of an era. Totally invested in his film, Visconti delivers here a grandiose and unforgettable fresco which culminates in an anthology ball scene.

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