Toulouse: shooting an Indian film on the quays of La Daurade

Toulouse: shooting an Indian film on the quays of La Daurade

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For two days, the shooting of the Indian film “Waltair Veerayya” passed through Toulouse and ended on Saturday in the region. Action, dance, colors and romance on the program…

Quai de la Daurade, Place Saint-Étienne and also Albi, Auch and Montauban served as film sets for the Indian film “Waltair Veerayya”. When it hits theaters in India on January 13, fans will be happy to discover the “mega stars that are Chiranjeevi who has shot no less than 154 films and actress Shruthi Hassa, the two headliners of this big production at 20 million dollars” according to Chèri the CEO of Mythri Movie Makers productions from southern India. “Nothing to do with Bombay and Bollywood explains Antonin Depardieu, production manager specializing in hosting foreign films in France, the team comes from Hyderabad and they have a different way of working, you have to constantly adapt, be flexible ! So it was precious to receive such a warm and favorable welcome from the shooting office in Toulouse and the region.

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A team of 82 people

Then they take what we give them and they adapt. » The team of 82 people, efficient, mobile, still took shots yesterday morning on the Quai de la Daurade and yesterday afternoon on the Place Saint-Étienne to accompany one of the two songs (the first was recorded in the Alps) which will serve as strips-movie ads. “We estimate that the film should attract around 2 million cinema-goers sold out Chèri, who will see these towns and places that we loved very much as soon as we discovered them. “The economic benefits are directly felt on the hotel industry, catering, transport and the image of the region and Toulouse…

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