Avec Hawa, Prime Video tient son conte de Noël – et offre la réplique à Yseult, Thomas Pesquet, Mister V et même… Michelle Obama ?!

With Hawa, Prime Video holds its Christmas tale – and offers the reply to Yseult, Thomas Pesquet, Mister V and even… Michelle Obama?!

Who says December says Christmas film. An unmissable meeting, all smooth and good vibes to be savored under a warm blanket. Tired of traditional Life is beautiful, Love Actually and others Express Pole ? That’s good. For the holidays of 2022, Amazon’s SVOD platform has concocted a christmas movie tailored, Hawaii.

An original production by Maïmouna Doucouré (cute) which retraces the touching urban epic of a marginalized young person, firmly resolved to become the adopted daughter of Michelle Obama. On the agenda: snowy poetry, incredible adventures – all backed by a 5-star cast where our stars portray their own role. Because meeting inspiring personalities is also the spirit of Christmas.

Michelle Obama, or nothing

Hawa isn’t quite a high school star. We are rather on the silent, raw formwork type. Unsympathetic, almost. It must be said that when it comes to the harshness of life, she knows a lot about it. The teenager lives alone with her grandmother (the Malian singer Oumou Sangaré), works as a cashier, when she is not in class, to bring some money home, and is regularly teased by her comrades. The reason ? Its difference, no doubt. Hawa is mixed-race albino and suffers from an eye disability.

Faced with hardships, the teenager learned to cope. Without ever being afraid to get your claws out, and even defying the impossible. So when Hawa realizes that her grandmother, sick, is living her last weeks and that she risks being placed in a foster family after her departure, it’s very simple: she refuses. And decides, instead, to be adopted by Michelle Obama. Because… Why not?

Besides, Hawa chose its timing well. By a happy coincidence of the calendar, the old first lady from the United States is just passing through Paris, to cover the release of his book. The opportunity is too good. As soon as Hawa learns the news, she hatches a preposterous plan to which only her childish naivety allows her to give credit for, she thinks, flying to America in the arms of “Mrs. Obama” .

Yseult and Thomas Pesquet, the improbable mentors

Driven by an unshakable will, Hawa uses all stratagems to force fate. She infiltrates the backstage of a concert, climbs ultra-secure buildings, breaks through airport security… In vain. We arrest her, we lecture her, we take her (against her will, of course) home. But Hawa does not budge.

Throughout her travels, this teenager with iron determination crosses paths with personalities who will quickly become mentors. First there is the singer Yseult, then the beloved astronaut of the French, Thomas Pesquet. Both interpret their own role, and accompany Hawa in the difficult ordeal she is going through by telling their pearls of wisdom.

The one who dreams (as a Christmas present?) of being the youngest of the “Obama” family will have to accept the decline of her adored grandmother, then follow her own path. Mourning, vocation, traditions… So many themes addressed by Hawaii with kindness, delicacy. And in fable fashion, as any Christmas movie should.

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