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Claude Lelouch’s Manor in Tourgéville, for sale to help the filmmaker make a new film

In 2014, the director of “A man and a woman” had already put this atypical circular construction of 635m2 up for sale. An exceptional building that Claude Lelouch wishes to sell to collectors in order to be able to make his 51st film. Claude Lelouch who replied to France Bleu Normandie.

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Claude Lelouch in our France Bleu Normandie studios in Caen
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Stephanie Sauton

France Blue Normandy: You put up for sale the Tourgéville manor, near Deauville in the Pays d’Auge, a place that you had specially built for the cinema?

Claude Lelouch: That’s it, we did in it “the best years of a life” with Jean-Louis and Anouk (Jean-Louis Trintignant and Anouk Aimée, he was also used for “Each one his life”. It’s a set that I had built for several films and like now, I’m preparing another film, I’m going to sell it. I’ve been doing this for a very long time. I love building sets for films. Beautiful, extraordinary sets, like this mansion of Tourgéville considered as one of the most architecturally beautiful houses in the world.

France Blue Normandy : Do you hope to sell it quickly?

Claude Lelouch: We’ll see, it’s a high quality object, a little rare that is not within everyone’s reach. There is still a golf course with a swimming pool and we want to sell it for the price it cost.

France Bleu Normandie: And the sale price of 7.5 million euros will help you finance the production of a new film, your 51st film?

Claude Lelouch: Yes a road movie that we will shoot next summer in June, July and August 2023 all over France in Normandy, the Basque Country, in the Morvan, the South but also in Italy in Venice and maybe in Spain. A film that will stage France on vacation. I had wanted for a very long time to film France during the holidays and with characters who were going to evolve in the midst of all that. We don’t realize how lucky we are, a France of spoiled children who break their toys. The Covid, the climate, will force us to reinvent a new world and it is this new world that I want to film with people who will be positive. It’s going to be called “The madness of feelings”.

France Bleu Normandie: So Normandy will not be completely forgotten?

Claude Lelouch: No there will be a big sequence in Normandy. You know Normandy is also my life
My mother was Norman. She knew how to make me love this country. My my father was from Algiers and therefore from my birth, I learned to walk on the beaches of Villers-sur-Mer (Calvados). I have spent my life coming to spend my weekends in Normandy. Let’s say that I have a bit of “my main pharmacy” Normandy. This is where I go, I recharge my batteries. And as it’s two hours from Paris, I take advantage of it as soon as I have a little blues I go to Normandy and as soon as I’m well, I also go to Normandy to party.

France Blue Normandy: Will you be there for the holiday season?

Claude Lelouch: No. For the end-of-year celebrations, I’m going to shoot some scenes in the mountains, so I’ll be near Megève.

France Bleu Normandie: to conclude Claude Lelouch, when will this new film “The Madness of Feelings” be released?

Claude Lelouch: In 2024, just before the Olympic Games in Paris.

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