"It's horrible" The last Disney + series of 2022 is being dismantled by critics!

“It’s horrible” The last Disney + series of 2022 is being dismantled by critics!

news culture “It’s horrible” The last Disney + series of 2022 is being dismantled by critics!

We are coming to the end of the year, and many publications take stock of the year regarding SVOD services. The platforms are numerous, and their series are even more so. Opinions often diverge, but sometimes unanimity is one way or another.

Disney+ concludes its year with Benjamin Gates, or almost

In general, trends are emerging. The fourth season of Stranger Things was generally very well received, The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power divided, but still met with success, and Wednesday recently broke many records. For its part, Disney+, already endowed with a huge catalog and growing market share, has succeeded in make Andor one of its big hits of the yearin front She-Hulk, Miss Marvelor Moon Knight. But in the midst of all this, hundreds of series, films, mini-series and short films have been released, without necessarily unleashing passions.

And he is a Disney+ series whose reception will not help directors have a good holiday season. On December 14, Disney+ released the first season of Lost Treasures: Moctezuma’s Secret (National Treasure: Edge of History in English). The title may not mean anything to you, but National Treasure is none other than the cinematic license who we know at home under the name of Benjamin Gates!

But where is Benjamin Gates 3?

The first movie, Benjamin Gates and the Templar Treasure, was released in 2004 with Nicholas Cage in the title role. Despite a mixed critical reception, the film is a nice success and a second film, Benjamin Gates and the Book of Secretsreleased in 2007. Again, reviews are rather mixed about this “Indiana Jones x Dan Brown” adventure film, but the latter generates $457.3 million at the box office. Since ?

Well since then, we’ve been waiting. A third film was announced as early as 2007but only began to take shape in 2020, with Chris Bremner scripting and Jon Turteltaub returning to direct. In March 2022, Nicolas Cage announced that the project was delayed with Disney’s choice of first favor the production of a series in real shots. The film is therefore well underway, and simply had to wait its turn. Last summer, we learned that the scenario was being finalized, with, if all goes well, a return of Nicholas Cage.

A very timidly received series

The series having caused the delay of the film, you will have understood it, is Lost Treasures: Moctezuma’s Secret. This series focuses on Jess Valenzuela is a young woman with DACA (deferred action for the arrival of children) status who would like to be naturalized american so that he can work for the FBI. In the meantime, she works in a furniture storage company, and her boss asks her to go in search of a client who has not paid for his box.

This customer is Peter Sadusky, a former FBI agent, who sends him to find lost treasure who would have a link with his late father. Obviously, there is a billionaire, Billie Pearce, who also wants to seize the treasures, and who will do anything for it. Embodied by Catherine Zeta-Jones, this billionaire will stop at nothing, and Jess is in real danger. So far with two episodes, this series did not convince, and that’s the least we can say.

I just screened Lost Treasures: Moctezuma’s Secret Episode 3 and unfortunately the show is still awful. And as an Elvis fan who has visited Graceland (the star’s home) many times, this episode insulted me. Why didn’t Disney give us Benjamin Gates 3 instead?

At present, Lost Treasures: Moctezuma’s Secret display a poor score of 44% on Rotten Tomatoes, with an audience score of 31%. Same thing on IMDB, with only 4.6/10. The critics are very harsh on the acting, the direction or the script, and some even wonder “if not the worst show ever produced.” There are however positive reviewslike that of Première:

(…) The script seems designed like a video game scenario (…). But the adventure is no less refreshing. Lisette Olivera, (…) makes a very convincing new “Gates”.

Lost Treasures: Moctezuma’s Secret is endowed with 10 episodes, one episode per week. In addition to Catherine Zeta-Jones and Lisette Olivera, we find in the cast Zuri Reed, Antonio Cipriano, Jordan Rodriguez, Jake Austin Walker and Lindo Smith.

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