Matt Ryan, Indianapolis quarterback, one of the NFL's unluckiest players

Matt Ryan, Indianapolis quarterback, one of the NFL’s unluckiest players

Matt Ryan is the quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts, the team that blew a 33-point lead Saturday in the NFL regular season. During his career, the player has collected this kind of misfortune.

Saturday, during the 15th day of the NFL regular season, the Minnesota Vikings made the biggest comeback in League history, coming back from a 33-point deficit to finally beat the Indianapolis Colts (39-36 ap). ). Matt Ryan was the Colts quarterback that day.

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At 37, after 15 seasons with the Atlanta Falcons and an NFL MVP title in 2016, he arrived this season in the Indiana franchise. After this fantastic comeback endured, Ryan, in spite of himself, completed his record unfortunately rich in this kind of misfortune.

He has already gone down in history as the QB with the biggest comeback in a Super Bowl. In 2017, Atlanta led 28-3 against New England before losing 34-28 to Tom Brady and his troops.

Super Bowl, conference final, road game…Five years earlier, Ryan had also suffered the most significant comeback in a conference final: Atlanta led 17-0 against San Francisco before losing 28-24. And he also has the same “record” for an NFL match played abroad (in 2014 in London, Atlanta muzzled Detroit (21-0), before being beaten 22-21). On social networks, we obviously had a great time, with so much bad luck.

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