NFL: Packers receive Rams in freezing cold in Green Bay

Monday night’s duel between the Los Angeles Rams and the Packers in Green Bay will be played in freezing conditions.

According to forecasts, it will be between -7 and -12 during the meeting. The Rams haven’t played a game in such temperature since 1992, three years before quarterback Baker Mayfield was born.

Cold or not, the Packers and Aaron Rodgers must absolutely win against the defending champions to keep their slim hopes of making the playoffs.

“I think anytime the weather and the terrain get colder maybe the guys don’t move at the same speed,” Rodgers said last Thursday. I have the impression that on our ground too, we have the advantage. ยป

The Packers need every advantage they can get. After their bye week, he has a poor 5-8 record. Even if they win their last four games, there’s no guarantee they’ll make the playoffs.

Green Bay’s opponent is equally disappointing.

The Rams (4-9) won the Super Bowl last season, but were hammered by injuries. With Matthew Stafford on the disabled list, Mayfield will start at quarterback.

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