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Top Curved Ball 2022: Eminem’s gestures at the last Super Bowl

Another year is coming to an end at Balle Courbe and before doing the traditional countdown from the 31st to the evening, we wanted to take the time to thank you for coming to read us and react to our stories.

Before the change of year, we wanted to revisit 2022 with you by highlighting our 20 most popular articles on the site.

In 19th position, the halftime show of the last Super Bowl and the actions of the popular Eminem.

Here is the full article published last February.

Eminem and the Knee of Discord at Super Bowl LVI

On Sunday, the Rams won Super Bowl LVI in front of their fans at SoFi Stadium in California.

But that, you probably know. After all, the Super Bowl is the most publicized sporting event of the year and it’s hard not to see the outcome of the game even if you look to other entertainment options during the game.

You may also know that the halftime show was greatly appreciated by the generation growing up in the 90s and early 2000s. The performance of Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent, Anderson .Paak, Mary J. Blige, Kendrick Lamar and Eminem will be noted among the most successful of recent years, with good reason.

Except that after the performance, it was Eminem’s name that was on everyone’s lips and not just because he announced, on his social media, the arrival of a special pair of shoes for the event.

Eminem dares knee to the ground

What really stirred up the passions after the nostalgic performance was Eminem’s knee to the ground at the end of his presentation of his song Lose Yourself.

Kneeling in an NFL game is no longer commonplace since Colin Kaepernick’s long battle with the league and the court of public opinion.

For the long story short, during the 2016 season, Colin Kaepernick expressed his displeasure on the field by performing various protest gestures to denounce police brutality in the United States, particularly that against the black and Spanish-speaking communities. When he took a knee during the American national anthem, a wave followed on social media and the audience was divided into two distinct clans, something the NFL does not want.

At the time, the NFL’s position was more airtight and they really didn’t want to see any political gestures on the field, especially not during a moment like the national anthem. Since then, Kaepernick has become an outcast in the NFL and his fight against injustice has inspired many other athletes and celebrities. On the other hand, the NFL is always chilly since; even if it lets the players express themselves without following up with sanctions.

We could, however, put big quotation marks here, because even if the NFL lets the players do it, let’s say that it frowns very strongly like a parent who withholds coronations when his child repeats the same thing over and over again at the table during the supper.

So with Kaepernick and NFL history in mind, Eminem had his knee scheduled for the halftime show and it was all part of the rehearsals too.

That’s why reporters after the performance pointed out that the NFL didn’t want Eminem to make the gesture in order to avoid tensions during the most-watched broadcast of the year. In the same vein, the NFL didn’t want singers to swear profusely and let’s say she wasn’t hot on some song lyrics, like “still not loving the police” in Still DRE, an obvious callback at the time. NWA by Dr. Dre.

But this morning, the NFL is changing tack as a rep told The New York Times that the league knew what Eminem was up to since it was all in rehearsals for the show.

Except that the knowledge does not prevent the will of the league not to see it. It’s kind of like when someone gets back together with their ex and you tell them not to because it’s not a good idea, you know they’re going to do it, but you don’t. don’t approve anyway.

That’s the NFL’s position this morning after Eminem’s gesture that might not even have been political (although it could hardly not be).

For Tupac?

Indeed, several readers pointed out that Eminem was kneeling during the notes of a Tupac song, I Ain’t Mad at Chastrummed by Dr. Dre.

His gesture could simply be a tribute to the deceased singer. But, think about it for a second, is this really the only way to honor a departed friend?

When you know that the gesture is highly associated with a social fight led by a popular figure in the black community and that the show is organized by artists certainly in the camp of Kaepernick, because tsé, the NWA sang that in the 80s that the police had no bearing on their community, it would be naïve to believe that Eminem’s gesture was not political.

In front of hundreds of millions of viewers, it was the perfect time to send a strong message, with or without the agreement of the NFL.

The only thing that is unfortunate this morning is that the gesture is not accompanied by an official statement from Eminem.

Yes, the gesture speaks for itself, but sometimes it’s important to put the bars on the “T” to prevent people from deviating from the meaning of the message.

Except that this morning, the discussion is launched and that is the important thing.

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