Former Pittsburgh Steelers No. 32 Franco Harris is no longer

Former Pittsburgh Steelers No. 32 Franco Harris is no longer

During his playing career, the former running back amassed 12,120 yards and won four Super Bowls with the Pittsburgh Steelers in the 1970s.

His December 23, 1972 touchdown against the Oakland Raiders was immortalized as the greatest play in NFL history in a 2020 vote as part of the league’s 100th anniversary.

On fourth down and 10 yards to go, with 22 seconds left in the game, from the Steelers 40 line, quarterback Terry Bradshaw threw the ball to John French Fuqua, but hampered by an opponent, he couldn’t catch it.

The ball was picked up by Harris who ran into the end zone narrowly avoiding the Raiders players.

This game has become for Americans The immaculate reception (the perfect catch).

A man speaks during a press briefing with a life-size statue of a football player catching a ball beside him.

Franco Harris on October 12, 2022, speaking about the 50th anniversary ceremony of his December 23, 1972 touchdown.

Photo: Western Pennsylvania Sports Museum

The NFL intends to mark 50 years of this spectacular game on December 24 for the game between the Steelers and the Las Vegas Raiders.

The Steelers will retire jersey No. 32 at the same time.

Franco Harris was named rookie of the year when he arrived in the NFL in 1972, after a season of 1,055 yards and 10 touchdowns.

A bearded soccer player in a uniform looks at the photographer.

Franco Harris of the Pittsburgh Steelers in 1976

Photo: Getty Images

Harris stayed in Pittsburgh after his career and opened a bakery. He has also been involved in charitable initiatives, notably in granting scholarships to deserving students in the city’s public school network.

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