If you avenge me: what to understand from the end of this revenge movie

If you avenge me: what to understand from the end of this revenge movie

Netflix has, this Friday, September 16, 2022, unveiled “If you avenge me”. This tangy film composed of all the ingredients of a teen movie is nevertheless tinged with darkness. Camila Mendes of “Riverdale” and Maya Hawke of “Stranger Things” bring this revenge movie to the electric atmosphere!

Vengeful teens on the program

A stranger offers a tennis champion to kill his wife if he takes it upon himself to kill his own father. Does that tell you anything? The Stranger of the Nord-Express (1951) signed Alfred Hitchcock. If you avenge me has been freely inspired. But our heroines will not go so far as to kill their executioners, rest assured! Signed Jennifer Kaytin Robinson, If you avenge me introduces us to two final year students from a very chic private establishment. We have on one side the popular Dreacamped by Camila Mendes, alias Veronica Lodge in Riverdale. On a scholarship, the fashionable student is eager to join Yale. On the other we discover a young girl with a tomboy look named Eleanor. Maya Hawke aka Robin Buckley in Stranger Thingslends her features to this newcomer to the posh high school.

After uploading a compromising video of her naked, Drea is ready to do anything to get revenge on her ex-boyfriend Max (Austin Abrams). Eleanor meanwhile is mad at Carissa (Ava Capri), the girl who, at the airy center when they were thirteen, makes everyone believe that she had kissed her by force. She therefore made her look like a dangerous predator. Although the two young women have absolutely nothing in common, the desire for revenge will bring them closer. It is thus hand in hand that they build a ruthless plan to bring down those who hurt them.

An unexpected turn of events

Far from the predictable adolescent comedy, If you avenge me never ceases to distill false leads. Thus the initial agreement between Drea and Eleanor ended in chain of unpredictable events. This is what gives the film all its appeal. Over time, the two new friends tear each other apart until Eleanor’s true identity is revealed to Drea. The one she thought was her friend is none other than a certain Nora whose nose has been redone. His real goal? Take revenge on Drea who once called her “Nora big nose” and made everyone believe that she had kissed him by force! Carissa was actually just Nora-Eleanor’s first girlfriend, not the one who made her look predatory.

Determined to destroy Drea who did not even remember this incident, Nora will go so far as to cause a car accident to attract the pity of her former friends. The goal ? That the one who was refused Yale by her fault can finally infiltrate the evening of admitted. Where cell phones are banned so that everyone can succumb to all the vices without being seen… Nora installs a brooch equipped with a camera on the dress of her scapegoat to record everything that happens at the party. The traitor intends to bring down Drea and her former clan in this way. with her, via new compromising revelations. But the latter turns the situation around by revealing the identity of the alleged Eleanor as well as her feelings for Gabbi (Talia Ryder), Max’s sister.

If you avenge me ©Netflix

Will you take a little rebound?

Nora runs away from the mocking laughter as Drea follows her to apologize. She breaks down and begs him to stop his revenge, knowing thatshe’s the only friend she ever had. Drea breaks her brooch shortly before Max arrives, revealing that he knows all about their evil plan from their phone conversation. Now such is taken who thought he was taking. In effect, Nora has her back covered and filmed all of Max’s compromising revelations. The latter admitted to having leaked the intimate video of Drea because she had never been grateful to him for the popularity offered through it. The film is shown during the party and the king of high school is banned for ever.

The final scene of If you avenge me reveals Nora and Drea sitting on the beach, a bottle of champagne each in hand. The sun is shining, the sea is beautiful and homecoming friendship. The principal, camped by Sarah Michelle Gellar, informs Drea that after Max’s blunder, Yale has a free place. But the latter feels like a new person and lets herself be carried away. The credits finally offer us many opening scenes that give balm to the heart. On the one hand, Drea and Russ (Rish Shah), her new boyfriend and Carissa’s friend, reconcile after Nora creates chaos between them. On the other hand, Nora and Gabbi, who were also angry, meet again and are ready to love each other in broad daylight. The final credits scene gives us Max in the middle of a support group session titled “Masculinity Examined: How to Untangle the Toxic Roots of Patriarchy. »

A thought-provoking teen movie

All’s well that ends well then, except for Max who deserved a little reframing. We understand that If you avenge me deal with the importance of forgiveness. Indeed, Nora ends up forgiving her former executioner Drea for all the harm she caused him. Drea also chooses to bury resentment in favor of friendship. One teen movie seemingly light, saturated with pastel colors and stereotypical characters, but much deeper in reality.

We will also note that self-centered people are wrong to think they are untouchable. Solely focused on their appearance, their popularity and their success, they do not realize how much they can hurt the weakest. This for free or unconsciously, to better enhance oneself. Gold backlash can hurt for the one who crushed others, because the wheel turns yes.

Drea (Camila Mendes) in If you avenge me ©Netflix

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