'The Pay Zone': The home stretch in the NFL playoff race

‘The Pay Zone’: The home stretch in the NFL playoff race

Only three games left for the 32 teams and only five of them are officially eliminated from the playoff race. It’s going to play elbow during the Holidays and “The Paying Zone” decides on the clubs that will be big dance in January.

In the American Association, only the Bills and the Chiefs are qualified. Several teams are knocking on the door, but the games are not yet made. Some like the Bengals have the wind in their sails, but others like the Titans are losing ground. What about the Dolphins, Jets and Patriots? You’ll have to pull yourself together quickly! Our analysts get wet on the teams they see in the playoffs with potential surprises.

In the National, four teams have already qualified, namely the Eagles, Vikings, 49ers and Cowboys. Who will win the last two tickets as second aces and who will come out on top of the division of shame, the South? Will Tom Brady’s Buccaneers hang on? We answer his questions.

Speaking of Brady, our listeners are wondering this week if the playoff format should be revised and where the famous quarterback could end up next year if he wants to continue his career. Several other questions are also answered.

With a busy menu for Saturday and Sunday on the occasion of Christmas, our two acolytes are of course making their predictions.

And you didn’t think we’d forget to mention the Patriots’ spectacularly atrocious end to the game. All in a special “Au Bar!” section.

Happy Holidays and thank you for spreading the good news about The Pay Zone!

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“The Paying Zone” is co-hosted by Jean-Nicolas Gagné and Stéphane Cadorette.

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