Eagles: Jalen Hurts out of Dallas

Eagles: Jalen Hurts out of Dallas

Gardner Minshew is back. At least for one game.

This Thursday, Nick Sirianni announced that Jalen Hurts will not play against the Cowboys this Saturday. The quarterback is hit in the right shoulder. With Philadelphia two wins ahead of the Vikings in the NFC conference standings, there’s no reason to take any risks with the health of the freshly selected Pro Bowl quarterback.

It is Gardner Minshew who will take over to lead the attack against the Cowboys. The mustachioed’s last complete game dates back to last season, when he completed 19 of 33 passes for 186 yards, 2 touchdowns and an interception against… the Cowboys. Philadelphia had largely lost (51-26) in what was the last game of the regular season, where Sirianni had put its holders to rest in preparation for the playoffs.

With great players all around him, including AJ Brown and Devonta Smith, Minshew will have a great opportunity to shine. The fact remains that Philadelphia will necessarily be a little less dangerous than with its starting pitcher, and that Dallas could take advantage of this in this prestigious poster.

If the Eagles win against Dallas, they will be assured of the NFC East title. If they win and Minnesota loses, then they’ll be squarely assured of first place in the conference and the rest week that goes with it.

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