Frédéric Moget, CEO of Paramount France: "In 2022, all the stars have aligned for us"

Frédéric Moget, CEO of Paramount France: “In 2022, all the stars have aligned for us”

The 10 biggest hits of 2022 account for 30% of admissions for the year. Are there too many movies coming out every Wednesday?
It is a complicated situation to analyse. The concentration of entries is a phenomenon that has existed for years. Is this accentuation linked to the period of transition that cinema is going through? Is the concentration linked to the fact that there are too many films in absolute terms or that films dominate too much? What is certain is that people have seen a smaller number of films in a year when supply has been impacted. I don’t see any example where the success of these films came at the expense of others. The month of September was interesting from this point of view, there were very few big films, and it did not benefit others. Whether films meet their audience or not, it has always been the case. Success like the lack of success remains mysterious.

What are your forecasts for cinema attendance in 2023?
I am optimistic. There are macroeconomic elements that can be explained simply by the number of big films that were released in 2022. If we do a film-by-film analysis, just at Paramount, we released “Sonic 2″ which did more than ” Sonic 1″. The first “Top Gun” had attracted 3.5 million spectators, there we made 6.7 million with “Maverick”. We released a horror movie that became the biggest horror movie in Paramount history. We released “Tad the Explorer 3”, it became the biggest success of the franchise, we released a comedy with Sandra Bullock it’s the biggest comedy of Sandra Bullock’s career. When the offer is there, people come.

It is often said that platforms are a brake on attendance. What do you answer?
For me, they are complementary. At one time, we wondered about the impact of DVDs on cinema attendance. In the end, for the cinema, the cake has grown. When we were studying, we realized that the people who went to the cinema the most were those who bought the most DVDs. When a film was available on Canal+, it boosted sales because there was a lot of noise around the film. We see the same thing today. Most people who watch movies on platforms are people who go to the cinema. “Top Gun: Maverick” is a pretty good example. In the United States, when the film arrived on Paramount+ in September, it rose to number one at the box office. It restarted the mechanics. Content calls for content.

The other debate in 2022 is the chronology of the media with increasingly reduced broadcast windows. Could this have an impact on cinema attendance?
In the other countries where the windows are shorter, the successes are just as strong. I’m not worried about that at all. Our mission is to stay focused on our objective: to make people want to travel. We think that when they really feel like it, they go.

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