Jeremy Reaves et Ron Rivera

Jeremy Reaves of the Commanders is very moved when he learns that he will be in the Pro Bowl

We may not watch the NFL Pro Bowl religiously, but for the players, it’s quite an honor to be selected with the best in the profession to play the All-Star Game on the circuit.

In a video shared by the Washington Commanders, we can see the effect it has on the players and it is particularly touching.

Jeremy Reaves and the Pro Bowl

In the video we can see that Ron Rivera had the great task of announcing to four of his players that they will be in the Pro Bowl.

But, you will quickly understand, the appointment is particularly touching for Jeremy Reaves.

Reaves is a career reservist and special teams specialist. He entered the NFL in 2018 as an undrafted free agent and worked very hard on the Commanders’ practice roster before making it to the big club.

In addition, Reaves lost his mother last year, she who would have loved to see him in the Pro Bowl.

So when Coach Rivera breaks the news to him, he literally explodes. His teammates also suspected that he was going to be emotional and they ask to be present for the news in order to celebrate with him.

Really a beautiful moment.

Now, excuse us, but the air is dry here and our eyes are wet. Gotta go take care of that.

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