Massive bomb cyclone, wind chills threaten NFL games on Saturday

Massive bomb cyclone, wind chills threaten NFL games on Saturday

As if the running game wasn’t already an essential aspect of a football rivalry, it will be more critical in the Week 16 game as extreme weather conditions will impact several NFL games this weekend. end.

A huge winter storm will usher in very strong cold winds, bringing deadly wind chills to most of the country this week.

Teams could see the coldest temperatures of the regular season over Christmas weekend.

With single-digit highs and temperatures feeling sub-zero on Saturday, frostbite can strike within minutes and affect any exposed skin.

Those playing in outdoor stadiums will be most at risk for several NFL games on Saturday.

In brutally cold conditions like these, a solid running game will be vital, as footballs don’t travel as far in cold weather, making passing offenses less effective.

No shortage of wind in Saturday’s game in Windy City between the Bills and the Bears

The Bills just can’t get enough of the snow this season. Fortunately, they will play in Chicago, where only persistent snow showers will be present, but wind and cold temperatures will be a factor.

And while the Bills should be most worried about Bears quarterback Justin Fields’ insane running game, winds and extremely cold temperatures should top the list.

Chicago is no stranger to wild weather, and Saturday will be no different. Strong winds with single-digit temperatures will feel like 20 below zero on Saturday afternoon.

Lake Michigan
A frozen Lake Michigan near Soldier Field on a subzero morning in 2007.
Getty Images

In games with temperatures below 34 degrees, the Bills rank among the NFL’s top performing teams in freezing weather since 2008. According to, the Bills have a 55% winning percentage in games with sub-zero temperatures.

The Bills clinched a playoff berth last week with their win over the Miami Dolphins, but they need that win over the Bears to keep them No. 1 in the AFC.

The Bears have nothing to lose but their pride in the game, as their playoff hopes were dashed long before Saturday.

Kansas City chill: Seattle Seahawks to face Chiefs in sub-zero wind chills

The Seattle Seahawks will have their work cut out, not only with the Kansas City Chiefs, but also with the weather. This is another game where the wind chill will be well below zero.

Cold and wind can hamper the passing offense, but don’t count on it with the Chiefs with Patrick Mahomes at the helm. But if the Chiefs decide to run the ball more, the Seahawks have one of the worst point defenses in the NFL.

Freezing cold with steam rising from the field creates strange formations during an NFL game between two division-leading teams, the Tennessee Titans and the Kansas City Chiefs, on December 18, 2016 at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, MO.
Steam rising from the ground at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, MO on December 18, 2016.
Sportswire icon via Getty Images
Forecast for Kansas City
Low temperatures threaten Seahawks Kansas City Chiefs game.
Weather Fox

In games with temperatures below 34 degrees, the Chiefs have been ranked among the top 5 NFL teams in freezing temperatures since 2008. According to, the Chiefs have a 56% winning percentage in games with temperatures below zero. , and the Seahawks rank in the bottom half with a 42% winning percentage.

Geaux grabs extra layers: Cleveland will be cooler for Saints-Browns game

This Saturday afternoon game pits the two longtime playoff hopefuls against each other.

There could be snow in the mix in Cleveland, but perhaps even more worrisome is the wind, which will bring temperatures well below zero.

The New Orleans Saints play their home games in a dome, so they will face questions heading into the weekend about their cold-weather performance.

Cleveland Weather
The wind will cause temperatures in Cleveland to drop below freezing.
Weather Fox

However, according to data from SportsWeather, the Saints rank in the top 10 best performing teams in the cold, with a winning percentage of 50%. Grant it, they’ve only played 10 cold weather games since 2008, so not a huge sample, but still good enough for the Saints.

On the other end of the spectrum, the Browns have played quite a few cold weather games since 2008 and rank near the bottom of the league with a 29% winning percentage.

Wind chill issues in Pittsburgh: Las Vegas Raiders to face Steelers at Acrisure Stadium

The Pittsburgh Steelers should really use all that money from their naming rights deal to add a roof to the stadium, because they’re definitely going to need it this weekend.

Forecast for Pittsburgh
Windchill could bring temperatures in Pittsburgh below freezing.
Weather Fox

Not much playoff involvement in this game, even though both teams are still mathematically alive. And after picking up a miracle-type victory last week, the Las Vegas Raiders may be hoping for another in these weather conditions.

The temperature should be in the teens. With the winds blowing and this being an overnight game, the wind chill could drop below zero.

It’s no surprise that the Steelers are one of the best performing teams in the cold, with a 69% winning percentage since 2008. As for the Raiders, they rank near the bottom with a 31% winning percentage. %.

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