[Preview] Week 16 (Thursday): the future is now

[Preview] Week 16 (Thursday): the future is now

New York and Jacksonville have the opportunity to validate their reconstruction with playoffs this year, for that you have to finish well.

Kick-off Thursday night to Friday at 2:15 a.m.
New York Jets (7-7) – Jacksonville Jaguars (6-8)

Recall that barely a year and a half ago, these two teams were first and second in the draft. It was in 2021 and since then a lot has evolved in these two franchises. First of all, Jacksonville chose Trevor Lawrence hoping to recover the generational talent that everyone is talking about. If the quarterback does not know imposed as quickly as expected, he begins to show regularly why he had so much hype. In its wake, the Jaguars are having a great season this year. They first showed great promise, but only displayed 2 wins in 8 games.

Zach Wilson at the wand

And then the trigger seems to have operated, in particular thanks to the relationship between Doug Pederson and its launcher. A great dynamic has set in with 4 wins in 6 games. Here they are now one victory away from the head of theAFC South and therefore the playoffs. Opposite, the path was just as tortuous. The choice of Zach Wilson in second position did not really bear fruit, but the good drafts for two years allowed the Jets to build a strong workforce. They have a balanced balance sheet and are always in the race for Wild Cards. For either of these two teams, the playoffs were not expected so soon, but qualifying this season would be a real boost in their reconstruction. This Thursday match therefore becomes crucial.

During the season, Robert Salehthe trainer of New York did not hesitate to take responsibility. Exit Zach Wilsondespite its status as number 2 of the 2021 draft and make way for Mike White. A choice that paid off. Problem Mike White is now injured. Unavailable last week, it will be again this Thursday. So back from Wilson with the ups and downs that we know. The young pitcher has undeniable physical assets. As we have seen with the lions, he is able to invent games and he is very good when he is forced to come out of the script of the called game. The problem is that he is much less so when he has to stay in the frame. Its readings are not always effective and its distribution leaves something to be desired. Like his interception launched against Detroit.

force against force

Except for this Thursday Night Footballthem Jets have no choice. They can also hope that the former of BYU continues to progress. In the meantime, they will bet on their defense as they have since the start of the year. Just look at the statistics. The players of the big apple only cash 18.8 points per game (4th in the league behind the 49ersthem bills and the Broncos) and 305.4 yards per game (3rd in NFL). Symbol of this domination, Gardner Sauce. The cornerback is currently delivering a very good first season. To the very point where the opposing attacks are wary of him, as we saw last Sunday with lions who never launched in his direction.

We will observe this Thursday the strategy that will choose Doug Pederson and Trevor Lawrence. The pitcher has been on his cloud for two games. He has a string of good performances and notably comes out of a meeting in 4 touchdowns. His statistics over the season attest to his progress: 3520 yards, 24 TDs and 7 INTS + 239 yards and 4 TDs. Behind, it’s the whole attack that performs. The Jaguars earn on average 367.9 yards per gamewhich makes it the 6th most prolific attack in this sector. This Thursday Night Football will therefore be the theater of the classic “force against force”. The question will be who will take over. With success the Jaguars would put pressure on the Titans who will not have the right to make mistakes. Side Jetsa success would make it possible to return to the positive and to approach this week 16 serenely. On the other hand, beware of the loser.

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