NFL week 16

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With 3 games per franchise to be played in this NFL 2022 season, the fight is raging for places in the play-offs still to be distributed. If some teams have already punched their ticket (Bills, Chiefs, Eagles, Vikings, 49ers and the Cowboys), others will have to fight to join them and the slightest misstep will be fatal. We Sport tells you all about this NFL 2022 weekend 16.

NFL week 16: The game of the week

Philadelphia Eagles [13-1] @Dallas Cowboys [10-4] : Sunday at 7:00 p.m.

It’s the clash of the week in the NFL with the Philadelphia Eagles (13-1), best record in the entire League, who travel to Texas to face the Dallas Cowboys (10-4), solid 5th in the NFC conference. A success for the Eagles on Sunday would allow them to lock in first place in the conference definitively, having the tie-breaker on their runner-up, the Vikings. This will be the mission of the partners of Jalen Hurts, uncertain for this encounter (see below). But coming to win in Texas is no picnic. With a record of 7 wins in 8 games, the Cowboys have validated their ticket to the finals, and now the teammates of Dak Prescott (2103 yards at 68%) will seek to obtain the best possible place in order to receive during the first round of the play-offs. A beautiful poster in perspective AT&T Stadium and a real challenge for the Eagles to win on the field of one of the best home teams!

Player to watch: Jalen Hurts

Philadelphia Eagles [13-1] @Dallas Cowboys [10-4] : Sunday at 7:00 p.m.

Quarterback of the team with the best record in the NFL with 13 wins in 14 games, Jalen Hurts is a legitimate candidate for MVP of the season. With his 3472 yards gained this season, the quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles is having a full season and a victory this Sunday on the grounds of the Dallas Cowboys would validate first place. However, the last meeting against the Bears left traces, first of all with Jalen Hurts. Hit in the shoulder, he remains uncertain for this clash of the NFC conference. With the play-offs in sight, there is no doubt that the coach Nick Sirianni and Pennsylvania fans will want to be careful. Answer Sunday evening to find out if Jalen Hurts will be able to come and help his teammates!

Team to watch: 49ers

Washington Commanders [7-6-1] @San Francisco 49ers [10-4] : Sunday at 7:00 p.m.

While after the injuries at the quarterback position of Trey Lance then Jimmy Garoppolo many specialists saw San Francisco lowering its flag, it is not so. the rookie Brock Purdy, propelled titular, remains on the same bases as its predecessors. Author of a dazzling first match 2 weeks ago against the Buccaneers (2 TD passes for 185 yards) then a solid performance against the Seahawks (2 TD passes for 217 yards), the 49ers quarterback is given confidence by a defense capable of controlling opposing attacks. Against the Commanders Sunday evening, the 49ers will want to show once again that despite the injuries, they remain competitive!

Question of the week: the Bengals, the best team in the NFL?

Cincinnati Bengals [10-4] @ New England Patriots [7-7] : Sunday at 7:00 p.m.

Finalist last season, bengals were expected from the start of the season. But after 2 inaugural defeats, doubts remained immediately and called into question their status. But then, after 10 wins in 12 matches following including a reference against the Chiefs (27-24), Cincinnati returned to the race for the first places in the AFC conference and is a candidate for the title. Led by a Joe burrow at the top of their game (twice awarded the Player of the Week trophy), the Bengals show both offensive and defensive qualities. Balanced, the franchise can hope to play a second consecutive super bowl and some voices do not hesitate to say that the Bengals are currently the best team in the NFL.

Thursday’s game

Jacksonville Jaguars [6-8] @ New York Jets [7-7]

Out of 3 defeats in a row, the New York Jets have come down to earth in recent weeks. Still in the race for a qualification in the play-off, the New Yorkers know that it will first go through successes at home, and this from Thursday during the opening match of the NFL weekend 16 against Jacksonville. Of the Jaguars who will necessarily have to impose themselves in New Jersey on pain of saying goodbye definitively to the post season. As much as this pressure game will ideally launch this new regular season week in the NFL.

NFL week 16 program

This week all the teams are on NFL grounds!

thursday nightyou Soccer

Jacksonville Jaguars [6-8] @ New York Jets [7-7]

Redzone (Sunday, 7:00 p.m.)

Atlanta Falcons [5-9] @Baltimore Ravens [9-5]

Detroit Lions [7-7] @ Carolina Panthers [5-9]

buffalo bills [11-3] @Chicago Bears [3-11]

New Orleans Saints [5-9] @ Cleveland Browns [6-8]

Seattle Seahawks [7-7] @Kansas City Chiefs [11-3]

New York Giants [8-5-1] @ Minnesota Vikings [11-3]

Cincinnati Bengals [10-4] @ New England Patriots [7-7]

Houston Texas [1-12-1] @Tennessee Titans [7-7]

Washington Commanders [7-6-1] @San Francisco 49ers [10-4]

Philadelphia Eagles [13-1] @Dallas Cowboys [10-4]

Redzone (Sunday, 10:05 p.m./10:25 p.m.)

Las Vegas Raiders [6-8] @Pittsburg Steelers [6-8]

Green Bay Packers [6-8] @Miami Dolphins [8-6]

Denver Broncos [4-10] @Los Angeles Rams [4-10]

Sunday Night Football (Monday, 2:20 a.m.)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers [6-8] @Arizona Cardinals [4-10]

Monday Night Football (Tuesday, 1h15/2h30)

Los Angeles Chargers [6-6] @Indianapolis Colts [4-9-1]

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