YouTube acquires rights for Sunday NFL games

YouTube acquires rights for Sunday NFL games

Google reached an agreement with the NFL on Friday, granting YouTube – which belongs to it – the rights to broadcast the matches that will take place on Sundays, starting next season.

YouTube, which is owned by Google, will broadcast, starting next year, NFL regular season matches scheduled on Sundays (i.e. 14 of the 16 matches in a day this season), via the contract signed Friday between Google and the NFL. According to several US media, YouTube will pay two billion dollars a year to the NFL, over a period of seven years. The matches will be available, per package, on YouTube TV (which is only available in the United States) or, à la carte, on YouTube Prime time.

To access the meetings through this channel, subscribers to YouTube TV will have to pay an additional sum to the price of their subscription. They will not be able to see the matches played in their immediate geographical area, ie of their local team, which are the subject of a separate contract. Exclusivity is not guaranteed, as the two channels Fox and CBS already jointly own the rights to the meetings and will continue to broadcast them in the United States.

The broadcasting rights acquired by YouTube from 2023 have so far been owned by satellite operator DirecTV, which pays around $ 1.5 billion a year to the NFL, according to several American media. ” We are pleased […] to usher in a new era (of broadcast) for fans who watch and follow the NFL “said Roger Goodell, the boss of the American pro league, in a press release.

With this agreement, Google is entering sports broadcasting. YouTube has until now only broadcast content around sport (documentaries, match summaries, etc.). There were also channels for the 32 NFL franchises, as well as 10 official league channels (NFL Films, NFL Network, Mundo NFL (the Hispanic channel).

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