Zack Snyder teases his Star Wars a little more for Netflix

Zack Snyder teases his Star Wars a little more for Netflix

Zack Snyder has just revealed a new preview in images of Rebel Moonhis sci-fi film for Netflix.

To the great displeasure of the filmmaker’s admirers, the version of the DCU (ex DCEU) imagined by Zack Snyder was not retained by the studio. In addition, James Gunn, who recently arrived at the helm of the franchise, seems to want to definitively bury the legacy of Zack Snyder. A fact that must undoubtedly sadden the director, even if the director has rebounded from the competition for a while, namely from Netflix.

Indeed, Zack Snyder has already given birth for the very average platform Army of the Dead. Now he develops Rebel Moona space opera film, still for Netflix, with Sofia Boutella (Atomic Blonde, The Mummy) and Charlie Hunnam (The Lost City of Z, King Arthur: The Legend of Excalibur). A while back, Zack Snyder teased a preview of his “Star Wars” for Netflix and he just revealed a new image of Rebel Moon on Vero, shared by several Twitter accounts.

As he apologizes, Zack Snyder chose to share an unfinished photo from the feature film. It is therefore very difficult to distinguish the characters as well as certain elements for the moment (in particular what is represented on the paintings). On the other hand, the general aesthetics of the decor, far from being high-tech, would rather evoke a palace straight out of the imagination of Frank Herbert. Some rooms of the imperial residence of Dunes could very well look like the one shown in this photograph.

As a reminder, Rebel Moon focuses on a young woman with a mysterious past, sent in search of warriors capable of opposing a tyrannical regime. The whole thing takes place in a galaxy far, far away (at the edge of the galaxy… sorry). In addition to striving to achieve, Zack Snyder is also in charge of photography and screenplay (co-writing), which is not really good news.

Rebel Moon: concept art 4A concept art that does not exude joy

It must be admitted that his work on the photography ofArmy of the Dead turned out to be mediocre, but let’s give him the benefit of the doubt, because he could very well recover on Rebel Moon. In any case, it will take some time to judge the result, since no official release date has yet been communicated for Rebel Moonexcept 2023. Currently, Zack Snyder and his team are therefore focusing on the post-production of the feature film.

We really hope that Netflix will soon unveil a trailer for the filmwhich will be available exclusively on the platform in France.


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