Frank Grillo says he still has a purge movie left

Frank Grillo says he still has a purge movie left

After James DeMonacothe creator of The purge franchise, teased a sixth Purge movie at Daily Dead last year, actor Frank Grillo fuel the fire even more. Grillo, who starred as Leo Barnes in The Purge: Anarchy and The Purge: Election Year, spoke with Empire Magazine about the upcoming sixth film, according to Screen Rant. The interview will appear in the February 2023 issue of Empire Magazine.

In June 2021, DeMonaco spoke to Daily Dead, saying, “I pitched it to my producers, Sebastien and Jason. They both really liked it, Universal liked it, so I think I’ll write the next one, and if the audience wants it, we’ll do it. I always say if the movie gods want us to do it, they’ll say, ‘Let’s go. Again, I think I’ve found a new way to turn everything upside down, and it’ll be five years after that movie, but it’s taking America in a whole new direction and I think it would be a very interesting place to explore. It also brings back a character from previous movies, which is fun.

From what Grillo said recently, it seems like the “movie gods” have spoken and the movie is being made. In addition to The purge franchise, Grillo is known for portraying Brock Rumlow in the MCU. He also appeared in the movies Grey, Warriorand James DeMonaco It’s night. About the new sequel, Grillo said:

“[I’ve] I have one more [Purge movie] left. james [DeMonaco] has the scenario. He focuses on the character of Leo Barnes and he wants to direct him. We’re working with Universal to see if we can get this done before I’m in the nursing home.

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2021 The Eternal Purge was originally marketed as the last film in the franchise, but it seems DeMonaco always had a sixth Purge movie in mind. In 2013, DeMonaco launched the popular franchise by writing and directing the action-horror franchise with The purge featuring Ethan Hawke. The first film was a huge commercial success, grossing over $89 million against a budget of $3 million. While DeMonaco served as writer and director for the film’s first two sequels, The first purge was crossed out by Gerard McMurrayand The Eternal Purge was led by Everardo Valerius Drop. DeMonaco has also developed a television series titled The purge for USA Network in 2018, which ran for two seasons and followed events similar to the film franchise.

While waiting for more details to come on the sixth film of The purge franchise, check out GameSpot’s 2021 interview with Grillo.

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