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Kevin Smith Gives Promising Updates On His Next 5 Movies

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Kevin Smith offers promising updates on his next five films, confirming that he will continue to work with Lionsgate for Moose Jaws, Mallrats 2 and more.

Fresh off of his well-received return to the View Askewniverse, Kevin Smith gave a promising update on his next five films, confirming his ongoing relationship with Lionsgate. Smith rose to fame in the film world with the creation of his interconnected universe of stories set in New Jersey, beginning with his feature debut Clerks and continuing with Mallrats, Chasing Amy, Dogma, Jay and Silent Bob Strikes. Back and Clerks II. After taking some time off to helm other projects including Zack and Miri Make a Porno and Tusk, Smith would return to the View Askewniverse with Jay and Silent Bob Reboot and the recently released Clerks III, both spurred on by his action almost fatal. heart attack.

While appearing at the latest GalaxyCon (via YouTuber Movie Miguel), Kevin Smith shared a glimpse of where his career will go next. The independent filmmaker offered a promising update on his next five films, sharing that Lionsgate is interested in continuing to work with him following the success of Clerks III and will work with him to develop his next projects, including the highly anticipated Mallrats 2. and Moose. Jaws. Check out what Smith shared below and watch his discussion in the video starting at 54 minutes:

(Moose Jaws) is a movie I’ve been threatening to do for a long time, but thanks to the good folks at Lionsgate, it’s gonna happen. The reason Clerks III was made is because Lionsgate had a Jay & Silent Bob Reboot home video. They didn’t have movie theaters, it was Saban and overseas it was Universal, but Lionsgate had home video. Which to me is streaming, but Lionsgate still makes DVDs, Blu-rays, and Steelbooks, physical media. So four months after the physical release of Jay & Silent Bob Reboot, we got a phone call from the folks at Lionsgate and they said, “We’ve sold so many copies of Jay & Silent Bob Reboot on DVD and Blu- ray that if you have more of those Jay and Silent Bob—t bulls and you can do it for less than eight million dollars, we totally will. And I was like, ‘I’m only filled with bull Jay and Silent Bob—t!’ I have this movie called Clerks III that they’re in, and I have this movie called Moose Jaws.

Everything We Know About Smith’s Next Five Movies

Smith says the first movie on file for his next project is Mallrats 2, which he’s discussed at length, a movie he’s discussed plans to do for the better part of 10 years, going back and forth between making it and Clerks III, and switch between a movie or TV miniseries. Based on his comments above, the biggest hurdle for a Mallrats sequel still seems to be funding Universal Pictures, which retains the rights to the original, which some may consider understandable given the bombing of the first film at the box office. However, given its confidence in its relationship with Lionsgate and the studio’s previous ties to Universal, Mallrats 2 could finally kick off with the two funding it together.

The other major movie that’s catching Smith’s fans’ attention is his Moose Jaws note finally returning in development. Originally planned as the third installment in Smith’s True North trilogy, the film is described as a horror-comedy essentially borrowing the plot of Steven Spielberg’s iconic shark film, and would even feature Smith’s character, Silent. Bob, killed by the titular moose. Smith has since written various drafts of the film, potentially altering his plans to kill himself in Moose Jaws after having to deal with his own real life mortality.

The three remaining films Smith has in development are a new Jay and Silent Bob sequel set 10 years after Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, a sequel to the first installment of his True North trilogy, Tusk, and The 4:30 Movie, inspired by him and his friends jumping into movies as teenagers. Smith and Justin Long surprised audiences with the reveal of plans for Tusk 2 earlier this year, and with Lionsgate often acting as home media distributor for A24 releases, of which the 2014 horror-comedy was the star. one of them, Smith seems to have a very promising future with the studio. As audiences await more information on Smith’s next film, they can catch up with Clerks III now available on 4K Ultra-HD, Blu-ray, DVD and digital platforms.

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