Star Trek - Strange New Worlds: The Limits of the Ideal Star Trek (...)

Star Trek – Strange New Worlds: The Limits of the Ideal Star Trek (…)

As part of the promotion for the launch of Paramount+ in Germany last week, Anson Mount spoke to our German friends at Trekzone about the upcoming season 2 of the series Strange New Worlds and explains that the latter will explore the limits of the idealism of star trek.

Captain Pike of the star trek universe from Paramount+ began by explaining how the season 1 finale fits into the themes of season 2. The actor was asked about the series finale, and the character of Mercy, which shows Pike an alternate future. based on some key choices he made during his clash with the Romulans, including how his diplomatic approach turned out to be the wrong choice. In the following exchange, the actor explains how this and other elements from Season 1 will influence Season 2:

TrekZone: The previous ones star trek presented violence as a problem and empathy and diplomacy as the solution to this problem… I have the impression that Strange New Worlds has a more belligerent, sometimes even more militaristic, approach to conflict. We see it in the Gorn arc and – in part – that seems to be the message of the season finale. How does this mesh with the optimistic view of the future that this series is meant to represent?

Anson Mount: Well, you’ll have to see where we’re going. Because some of these themes continue into the second season and ask the exact same questions you just asked. Is it possible that intelligence can be so completely divorced from any sense of communication or idealism? That there is a monster? Is it really possible? So yes, we are following exactly this path.

Mount’s comment about a “monster” might be telling, as co-showrunner Henry Alonso Myers indicated in his recent Trek Movie interview that the series isn’t done with the Gorns, saying season 2 ” will try to deliver on the promises we made in Season 1.” As for the Gorn, when playing the game “This or that?” and that we have a choice between “Klingons or Gorn?”, Mount explains:

“It depends on what you want, if you want a good blood drinking tour it would be the Klingons and if you want a really good nmsis I’d go with the Gorn… I’ll go with the Klingons just because that there is some hope of establishing common ground.”

Before heading to Germany, Anson Mount appeared with a few of his co-stars from Strange New Worlds Wales Comic-Con. While nothing new came out of that event, when the actors were given a choice of genre or story they’d like to tackle in an upcoming season, Mount had some ideas: “A western! want to do a western… I was also thinking that I would love to do an Agatha Christie crime novel with Spock as the logic detective and Pike as the detective “eccentric”or vice versa.”

Of course, Mount’s biggest role on television before Strange New Worlds was in the western series Hell on Wheelswith partner Colm Meaney (Star Trek – Deep Space Nine). If they ever make a western in Strange New Worldsnow would be the perfect time for a reunion with Meaney.

Strange New Worlds is slated to return in 2023. As of the Season 1 finale last July, production on Season 2 had already been completed. We don’t really know when this long-awaited season 2 will arrive exactly, but we imagine it will be after the 3rd run of Star Trek – Picard.

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