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Where is the cast of Santa Clause: The Movie now?

CHILDREN of the 80s will remember well the wonderful Christmas movie, Santa Clause: The Movie.

The festive family film has stood the test of time and continues to be a holiday favorite.


Santa: The movie is a Christmas favorite[/caption]

Who stars in the movie Santa Clause and where are the actors now?

The 1985 film followed a man named Claus who, after delivering toys to his small village, fulfilled his destiny to become Santa Claus after meeting an expert toy-making elf, Patch, at the North Pole.

The film cuts to the present day, and Santa Claus is overwhelmed with his workload, and a disgruntled Patch flees the workshop for New York.

There, the elf unknowingly threatens the fate of Christmas by taking a job at a bankrupt toy company run by a scheming businessman named B.Z.

The film was a box office hit and continues to be watched every Christmas to this day.

Dudley Moore as patch

Where is the cast of Santa Clause: The Movie now?
Dudley Moore’s patch was hugely popular in Santa Claus: The Movie

Dudley Moore was already a big star when he took on the role of Patch.

Prior to Santa Clause: The Movie, he was well known for his starring role in Arthur (1981), for which he won a Golden Globe Award.

He then received a second Golden Globe for his performance in Micki & Maude (1984).

In 1987, Dudley received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1987.

He was then appointed CBE by the late Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace in November 2001.

Unfortunately, this was his last public appearance, as the actor died on March 27, 2002 from pneumonia.

David Huddleston as Santa

Where is the cast of Santa Clause: The Movie now?
Santa Claus was played by David Huddleston

Actor David Huddleston landed the lead role of Santa Claus in the 1985 film.

Before that, he was well known for playing Olson Johnson in the legendary 1974 comedy Blazing Saddles.

After playing Santa Claus, he continued his film career, including playing a starring role in The Big Lebowski in 1998.

David will also be known to Gilmore Girls fans as playing the Mayor of Stars Hollow.

The actor died aged 85 in 2016.

John Lithgow as BZ

Where is the cast of Santa Clause: The Movie now?
John Lithgow has had an incredible career since Santa Claus: the Movie

Popular actor John Lithgow actually played the villain in Santa Claus: The Movie.

His character BZ is a morally questionable toymaker who wants to take over Christmas.

After the movie, John transitioned to the small screen and is best known for his starring role as Dr. Dick Solomon in the sitcom Third Rock From The Sun which ended in 2001.

After that, he had various roles, including roles in Dexter and How I Met Your Mother.

On the big screen, he also starred in Daddy’s Home 2 and This Is 40.

John is also well known for playing Winston Churchill in the first two series of Netflix’s The Crown.

Judy Cornwell as Mrs. Claus

Where is the cast of Santa Clause: The Movie now?
Actress Judy Cornwell played the role of Santa’s wife

Judy Cornwell played the coveted role of Mrs. Claus in the 1985 film.

After that, the English actress is probably best known for playing Hyacinth Bucket’s sister Daisy on the 90s sitcom Keeping Up Appearances.

The actress then moved on to the stage and rose to prominence for playing Miss Marple from 2014 to 2016.

Judy has also published several novels, including Cow and Cow Parsley in 1985, Fishcakes at the Ritz in 1989, The Seventh Sunrise in 1994 and Fear and Favor in 1996.

Her last known TV appearance was as a celebrity contestant on Useless.

Where to watch Santa: The Movie

There are several ways to watch Santa Clause: The Movie in the UK.

If you have an Amazon Prime subscription, you can stream it right now.

You can also watch it if you have a Now TV account.

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