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Falcon Lake definitively buries the machismo of films like American Pie in the pantheon of teen movies

Falcon Lake definitively buries the machismo of films like American Pie in the pantheon of teen movies

What’s your favorite teen movie?

Charlotte Le Bon: “I think it’s ‘Stand By Me’ (by Rob Reiner, released in 1986, editor’s note). However, I am not particularly a fan of teen movies at the base. I don’t have particularly glorious memories of my teenage years. It was a kind of somewhat dark in-between where I had a lot of trouble identifying the emotions that inhabited me. It’s an age where we don’t really understand our impulses, and that can actually isolate us. »

Your hero is a 14-year-old boy like the others, far from the clichés of American cinema…

“I found it fascinating to show that boys can experience their love stories as intensely as young girls. I had more male friends than female at that age. And I remember when they told me their love stories, they were actually heartbroken. They talked to me about it all the time, sometimes more than my girlfriends. I found it interesting to show a new face of this budding virility. We’re not that different after all. »

Ph. Tandem Films – Ph. Tandem Films

Do you recognize yourself more in the character of Bastien or Chloé?

“Bastien for his desire to belong to a group. I was easily intimidated but it was coupled with a desire to impress… even if very often I failed (laughs)! Chloé I love her because she is a girl who does not correspond to the clichés of her age. She’s a teenager who wants to fascinate everyone around her, of course, but she does it without simpering, preferring to bet on her strangeness and her darkness. »

Why did you combine your story with the codes of the ghost movie?

“Ghosts do not please me only in the cinema, they please me in life. I lost my father when I was ten years old. So I was brought into contact with death quite quickly in my life. I think I took comfort in the idea that he stayed there with me, that a kind of presence accompanied me everywhere. Like a reassuring notion in mourning, and which has accompanied me for quite a long time. So I have a real affection for ghosts. That said, it’s not just an accessory thing that made me kiffer. The combination works very well at the base. The warm and mysterious atmospheres of this haunted lake reflect well what is happening inside Bastien and Chloé. »

The sexual awakening of the heroes is approached frontally. How did you prepare your young actors?

“It was important that my two actors were intelligent. It was part of the considerations during the casting. When I met Joseph and Sara, I saw that they were very intelligent even though they were 12 and 14 years old. From there, we can have any type of conversation without any taboos. I knew that as long as I was caring they would understand me, and everything would be fine. »

The party scene is epic, with hundreds of extras. Not too hell to direct her?

” It was horrible ! We had found people in the region who had never made a film. This is where we understand that being an extra is an art! In short, I had a whole choreography in mind. When you walk into the party, there’s someone getting thrown out the window, there’s a couple kissing in the bathroom, I wanted Bastien to be completely lost and intimidated. And I absolutely wanted a sequence shot, which always takes more time to organize. It was tough, but it’s often when you struggle the most that you find magic. »

Hoping that it made you want to make a second feature soon…

” I am working on it ! It’s inspired by a true story. A friend of mine lived in a haunted apartment for two months. »

We stay with the ghosts…

[Avec un grand sourire] ” Always ! »

‘Falcon Lake’ hits theaters on December 28.

Should we go see Falcon Lake?

There are holidays that change us forever! Bastien is 14 years old and goes to Quebec with his family for two weeks of sunny torpor by the lake. It is there that he meets Chloé, his distant cousin two years his senior. Bulging his small shoulders, Bastien steps closer to Chloe and lets his fascination with her guide him. Even if it means letting the ghosts of ‘Falcon Lake’ come out of their sleeping waters… There is something terribly refreshing in ‘Falcon Lake’, a teen movie full of inspiration where the ghosts wake up in tune with the sexual awakening of the young hero. Far from any didacticism and well helped by the forest decors of Quebec, Charlotte Le Bon creates warm atmospheres, where the excitement of the first times meets the morbidity specific to the isolation of a middle age. With its fragile, funny and touching young heroes, ‘Falcon Lake’ definitively buries the machismo of films like ‘American Pie’ in the pantheon of teen movies. It was time ! 4/5


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