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The community film will not include the 2 details of the fan-favorite show

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  • The community film will not include the 2 details of the fan-favorite show

Creator Dan Harmon confirms that the community film won’t include the two details from the fan-favorite show in hopes of keeping things fresh for audiences.

Just months after the project was confirmed, Dan Harmon revealed that the community film won’t include the two details from the fan-favorite show. Community became cult following for its meta-humor, pop culture references and homages to classic movie and TV tropes during its six-season run on NBC and Yahoo! Screen from 2009 to 2015. The series was nearly canceled more than once, only to be saved by multiple fan campaigns to keep the series afloat. The long-awaited film will finally fulfill the series’ popular tagline “six seasons and a movie,” as the film’s release will shift that mantra from hopeful to prophetic.

In a recent interview with Six Seasons & A Podcast, Harmon, who was the main creative force behind the series and also served as the community showrunner for Seasons 1-3 and Seasons 5-6, divulged what genre homages fan favorites from the series will not be part of the plot of Community: The Movie. While having the movie made is very exciting, some fans may be a bit disappointed that Harmon actually ruled out any chance that the movie starring the study group would play another game of Dungeons and Dragons, or to an intense game of paintball. Check out what Harmon shared below:

For example, we say, “Do we really think it would be a good idea to be a paintball episode?” It’s one of the first things to rule out because it’s the first thing that comes to mind, and that’s a problem with the concept of a “community” film. We’ve done a lot of episodes where you’re happily locked into a construct that isn’t a traditional sitcom narrative, but rather through the lens of David Fincher or Martin Scorsese. There were a lot of special episodes that were kind of like genre homages. Paintball was one of them. We tried making a bunch of extra paintballs, and they were all perfectly wonderful things to do, but would anything ever capture the joy of the original paintball episode?

Ever since Danny Pudi’s Abed coined the “six seasons and a movie” mantra in Season 2, a community film is something fans and those involved with the show have been looking for. In September, those wishes were granted when streaming platform Peacock and Sony Pictures TV announced that Community: The Movie was finally happening. Given that Peacock is producing the film, it seems very likely that the film will be released as a streaming exclusive rather than a traditional theatrical release. Pudi, Joel McHale, Alison Brie and Gillian Jacobs have all been confirmed for the cast and will all reprise their roles as the much-vaunted study group members on the show.

Ken Jeong will also return as unpredictable former Spanish teacher Ben Chang and Jim Rash as costume-loving Dean Craig Pelton. Keith David, who portrayed the smart and reclusive Elroy Patashnik in Season 6, the show’s final season, also said that when Community: The Movie arrives, he’ll be involved. Yvette Nicole Brown has not been confirmed to return as Shirley Bennett, and Chevy Chase is highly unlikely to return as Pierce Hawthorne given her ignominious departure from the show during Season 4 due to inappropriate behavior and creative differences with showrunner Harmon.

Although Donald Glover hasn’t been confirmed to return as Troy Barnes, Harmon said the rapper/actor was “a clown” and couldn’t imagine doing the movie without Glover, which is a bet. very encouraging update for his potential return. to the study group. Harmon is currently writing the script, which he assured fans won’t include any reboot snaps or a story revolving around the closing and reopening of Greendale Community College. Considering the script for the movie Community is still being written and filming has yet to begin, a 2023 release of the film seems far-fetched. It won’t be a big budget movie, but even so, a much more likely timeline would place Community: The Movie in 2024.

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